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Holiday Gift Giving Ideas for Under $100 (For Her)


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I am always a fan of giving homemade food (make a gift basket of snacks!), or making gifts for others (if you have a talent for making gifts that is), but just in case money has to be the answer, here are some ideas:

1. Urban Decay Naked Basics Palette – $32 — Matte eyeshadows for everyday makeup. They’re a good basic for any makeup arsenal, even overloaded ones.

2. Banana Republic Striped Long-Sleeve Tee – $39.50 — In royal blue or black, it’s gorgeous. Wait for a 40% off sale and you can get it for even cheaper. It’s super comfortable, stretchy and the blue is just… so vibrant!

3. The Bay’s Lord & Taylor Cashmere-Lined Gloves – $79 — I bought these in dark brown and in cognac, they also come in red and black if you go in-store. There was no sale on these items even during Bay Days, so I paid full price. They’re gorgeous and the leather is super soft.

4. Anthropologie’s Voluspa Japonica Candle – $18 — They look gorgeous anywhere, have 3 wicks and smell AMAZING. I am not really a fan of candles myself (sensitive to perfumes), but if I were, these are the ones I’d buy.

5. H&M Dinner Jacket – $39.95 — It comes in white and in black, and I really like the kind of satin looking lapels. It’s also a longer jacket so it goes below your hip, and looks quite chic.

6. Marie Veronique Organics Tinted Sunscreen – $40 — I received this sunscreen as a free sample in the mail from the company, and surprisingly, I REALLY liked it. It’s quite natural, and after I finish the samples, I’m buying the full-sized bottles. They’re slightly tinted and matte (they do NOT leave a shine whatsoever, even after a full day of wearing it; I don’t even need to powder my face), and I just use it as a sunscreen and a light foundation. It’s simply fantastic.

7. Banana Republic Black & White Striped Dress – $140 — Okay so this dress is NOT under $100 but if you wait for the 40% off sale, it becomes $84. It is a stunning dress that fits and drapes beautifully, but I didn’t buy it for 2 reasons: Made in China and it has an exposed zipper at the back (a look I personally don’t like, but others might).

8. Clinique Cubby Sticks – $17 — Raved about by all the beauty bloggers, it’s as if a lip balm and a lipstick had a baby.

9. Mental Floss Magazine Subscription – $25 — I love this magazine. It is interesting, fun to read, and there are 8 issues a year. It’s different every time, and it covers a range of topics from food to health to electronics to psychology, etc etc etc! If you want to give a more lifestyle kind of magazine, I also like Vanity Fair.

10. Maiga Fair Trade Shea & Cocoa Butter – $15  — I bought this in a health food store (Evergreen Naturals in Roncevalles), but apparently you can also find it in St. Lawrence Market in Toronto (never bought it there). I use it to prevent stretch marks on my belly during pregnancy but since it is easier to carry than coconut oil which has a tendency to melt at warmer temperatures like during the summer, it has now become my go-to body moisturizer.

11. Fossil Georgia Three Hand Watch – $75 — I like the look of bold, masculine watches, and a large watch face for me looks modern and stylish, not to mention practical (you can actually see the time instead of having to squint!). This watch does the trick for me.

12. Wolford Tights – All under $100 — They range anywhere from $50 – $80 for a pair of tights, but they are THE BEST made tights in the world. Made in Austria, and they don’t run as easily as cheap tights. It’s for the woman in your life who loves wearing tights but would probably never ever spend that kind of money on a luxurious, well-made pair.

13. Dr. Dennis Gross Alpha Beta Peels – $18 – $100 — The 5 pad treatment is $18 and for 30 it’s $99. I personally used these before my pregnancy and LOVED them (they are not safe during pregnancy). They lightened up my dark spots, and really made my skin feel brand spankin’ new and fresh. You only really need one a week, not one a day, so 5 would be a month’s supply for me.

14. Hanging Wall Jewellery Display Case – $28 — It has been discontinued, so I have linked to another chic hanging rack.

15. Leather Laptop Bag – $92 — Again, another sale item, originally $230. It looks chic, classic and practical.

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  1. From Shopping to Saving

    As someone who has a lot of gal pals and girl cousins in my family, I always look for little things like this…sometimes buying stuff at Forever 21 (cuz it’s cheap!) and buying other things on sale throughout the year. I was already thinking of getting someone the Naked Basics palette (I really want Naked 3 myself though!) and also scarves are a great option.

    1. save. spend. splurge.

      You can’t go wrong with Urban Decay’s Naked Basics. EVERYONE can wear that.

  2. Cindy

    This is a great holiday gifts posts! I love that all items are under $100. Thank u for posting!

    1. save. spend. splurge.

      @Cindy: Pretty much all of them are under $100!

  3. MelD

    You surprise me – I’d rather be given an experience of some kind (low budget) or for someone to take note of my personal interests than to have this kind of impersonal consumption supported. In fact, I don’t think anyone would know my preferences in cosmetics or taste and needs in clothing and the last thing I want is clutter…

    1. save. spend. splurge.

      @MelD: I see what you mean, but I always do a gift guide every holiday 🙂

      Not everyone is like me, and I can understand that. It doesn’t mean I should force my views down people’s throats and tell them to refuse gifts or cute things.

      I myself don’t give or receive gifts during Christmas, we just have a good meal together and enjoy each others’ company, or I go out and see friends.. but not everyone wants to do that.

  4. Stefanie @ The Broke and Beautiful Life

    I LOVE the dress, of course it’s the most expensive 🙂

    1. save. spend. splurge.

      @Stefanie @ The Broke and Beautiful Life: The ONLY thing I don’t like about it is the exposed zipper at the back. And it’s polyester. Otherwise.. it’s stunning.

  5. Mo' Money Mo' Houses

    Love of all of these!

  6. Emily @ Urban Departures

    I ask for Urban Decay Naked Basics Palette every year from my siblings. I never get it.

    I’d like a subscription to Anthology Magazine and those tights please.

    1. save. spend. splurge.

      @Emily @ Urban Departures: Should I forward this message of yours to your siblings?

  7. Cassie

    Lol, I love how the Naked eye shadow pallet makes your Christmas list every year!

    I really like the Voluspa candles, I use the French Cade Lavender at home personally.

    1. save. spend. splurge.

      @Cassie: EVERY. YEAR.

      It’s just such a good palette… 🙂

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