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A fashion trend: Moving towards a minimalist look in my wardrobe

I don’t know what’s in the air or the water, but I’ve been finding myself loving more and more pieces that are minimalist without a lot of frills, and in neutral colours.

I still love pieces with lots of colour, especially deep crimson reds and cobalt blues, but moving away from a mixed rainbow palette of a ton of colours flowing about.

Clean. No frills. Simple neutrals. Nothing too complicated.

Here are a few pieces that sort of speak to what I am talking about:


Sold out (My Smythe Reefer Coat). (Similar here, here, and here)


Banana Republic Wool Pants


The Row – Kenta Style Top (Similar here and here) Victoria Beckham dress (no longer available but similar here and here and here)

 Must be just a phase right now.

 What about you? Minimalist or Maximalist?


  • yettie

    I was a minimalist in college and then one day I looked in my closet and I was so disappointed with the monochromatic look that I went full out color on everything from lingerie to shoes. 20 years later, I’m color-satisfied and drifting back into my neutralish wardrobe. Still very much a minimalist when it comes to numbers though

  • Cassie

    I feel like a lot of my clothes lean to the neutral, minimal side. I don’t think that’s a problem per se, but I am interested in adding more visual interest to my wardrobe right now. Minimal done well looks stunning, I just don’t feel like I do minimal well.

    • save. spend. splurge.

      I don’t think I do STARK minimalism well either.

      I do classic minimalism with a little twist here and there. I mean I mix prints and colours, but can’t do it daily…

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