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Lessons Learned from Street Style Books from Paris, Berlin and Brooklyn NYC

I picked up a few style books and was inspired by a couple of things in each city: Berlin, Paris & Brooklyn.



  • Do not experiment TOO much
  • Colour is fine as long as it is kept in accessories
  • Black, Navy, Grey, Camel
  • Invest in classics that will stand the test of time: Navy cashmere sweater, Chinos, Ballet Flats, Le Smoking Jacket, Wool Peacoat
  • Style is innate, not learned. You can follow permitted formulas, though.
  • Classic outfit: Navy blazer with white pants, a white t-shirt, and a cognac belt with flats.
  • Ballerina flats are a religion here. Do not screw it up here. Ballet flats have a thin leather sole, show a lot of toe cleavage and are purchased at Repetto.
  • Keep your heels lower because you don’t need high heels to look or feel sexy especially not those platform heels.
  • Go minimal on the makeup. Wear none at all but have flawless skin.
  • Wear a lot of neutrals and layer those neutrals.
  • Add pops of colour here and there like red pants with an ivory blazer and white t-shirt.
  • Don’t go for cliches like a striped shirt with white pants. Yawn.
  • Be tasteful. Nothing too short, too tight or too flashy.
  • Mix masculine with feminine. I love this new idea of men’s ties as a belt!
  • Be comfortable in your own skin
  • Feminine but simple, never manly 100%; you can do things like wear an oversized blazer but cinch things to show your shape
  • Classic uniforms are what every Parisienne adheres to with a few twists here and there.
  • Wear your clothes confidently and be comfortable
  • Not too many frills or fussiness in clothing
  • Neutrals with a pop of colour in accessories
  • Don’t buy fakes or skimp on quality
  • Fewer, better things



  • Total opposite of Paris. EXPERIMENT LIKE THERE IS NO TOMORROW.
  • NO. RULES.
  • Embrace your ethnicity and work within the prescribed rules if any (e.g. cannot show your hair, cannot show ankles or elbows) but don’t think that you have to follow what everyone else is doing like wearing a black shapeless tent-like dress to achieve the same end result.
  • Prints on prints on prints works.
  • Bring in your culture wherever you can in touches all over your outfit
  • Own your look. Bring in inspiration from all cultures and twist it to make it your own.
  • Tattoos can be part of your outfit.
  • Nothing too tasteful please, we are not walking on the East Side or from Park Avenue. Wear pearls but not with a twinset or a sheath dress. Wear them wrapped around your wrist for instance.
  • Go slouchy and undressed not prim and proper
  • Make it your own with creative touches
  • Embrace the flaws
  • Organic and sustainable clothing, stuff made by artisans.. these are all very hipster but very BROOKLYN
  • Be comfortable
  • Don’t be overly done
  • Buy local
  • Go manly if you want; there’s no need to even hint at being feminine. Go full out and embrace it.


  • Buy a green military jacket that is not too yellow and not too green and wear it over everything, belted, open, closed, etc.
  • Do not go too military with the entire outfit if you have this jacket on.
  • Don’t wear colour.
  • No, seriously. Do not wear colour. You are not here to wear any colour or prints.
  • Black. Wear black. All the time. With everything.
  • Go for comfort as your main priority: cosy, cuddly, warm, snuggly.
  • Key outfits: Fair Isle sweater with some skinny jeans, or leather leggings
  • Embrace stark minimalism in everything. Appreciate the very fine, small details.
  • Wear flat shoes for biking everywhere
  • Show up to parties a little more casual and less “miniskirt and heels”



  • Chanel, Yves St Laurent, Isabel Marant, Rag & Bone, Rick Owens and Alexander Wang consistently popped up as mentioned brands
  • Being “comfortable” whatever that means was the key in every city — in cosy snuggly sweaters in Berlin, to wearing flats in Paris to wearing the slouchiest pants ever in Brooklyn.
  • Every city talked about being confident in your own skin — whatever you feel like wearing, own it.
  • Having a sense of style and adding your own flair to each outfit was something that was repeatedly brought up, even though it’s just a simple white t-shirt and some jeans, add a brooch on the back pocket of the jeans, or wrap a turban around your hair
  • Not being ostentatious or gauche was the height of elegance and luxury: No logos, no outward flashiness unless it was over the top and meant to be a statement of exuberant flashiness and glitter, more independent and discreet examples or versions of labels rather than the obvious ones, and NO ONE is interested in how much went into the clothes you’re wearing on your body as long as it looks good & fits well
  • Mix and match between all the brand from Chanel to Zara to some random independent shoe maker who custom-makes items
  • Buy quality in classic pieces and embrace trends but not with your wallet

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