Save. Spend. Splurge.

My Current Wish / Lust List


1. Ted Baker Lorili Fuchsia Purple Wrap Coat – $619

The colour, the wrap coat, the absolute divine gorgeousness of it all.

*swoon* They also have a shorter version called the Paria, which I also like.

I’m also a fan of the gorgeous cobalt blue it comes in as well.

NOW I WANT BOTH. Look what you’ve done!!!!!

2. Kaufman Mercantile Leather Hip Bag – $175

I think Mommyhood is screwing with my brain because fanny packs look more and more appealing the more I look at them.

I’m not talking about those awful fanny packs that look like a nylon snake is digesting a squirrel around your midsection, but the leather hip bag that is flat, square or rectangle and chic wouldn’t look so bad… would it?

3. Japanese Copper Scissors – $125

OMG. I feel like such a hipster.

…. but I really REALLY want a pair of GOOD scissors that I could keep, sharpen and use for a long time.

I appreciate quality craftmanship and am willing to pay for it. Just have to justify this $125 purchase somehow.

Or, I could buy this relatively cheaper $59 version made in the U.S. as a general pair in stainless steel.

4. M. Gemi Tuta Suede Loafers in Grey – $198

Aren’t they divine? Suede. Grey, gorgeous metallic leather detailing.. I’m WAITING on pins and needles for these darn shoes to come back in stock so I can snap them up.

5. M. Gemi Tasto Pointed Flats – $228

I have been looking to replace my two pairs of tired, dead flats for a while now. I’m hanging on to them for dear life because I cannot find good replacements.

These ones look great, they’re pointed, patent black leather and with an elasticized back so they’ll grip on my feet.

They would look great under pants or with work stuff to make outfits a bit more chic.

The patent leather I wasn’t quite sold on yet, but it is growing on me as a chic version.

6. M. Gemi Bolla Round-toe flats in a metallic – $198

I of course want these as well.

A pair of round-toe ballet flats because you also need a pair that isn’t pointy and uber shiny.

Note: I do have 2 pairs of shoes I need to replace, I think #5 and #6 would map perfectly to replace them well.

7. Metallic Silver Tote in Linen – $190

This metallic linen tote looks summery, breezy and completely chic and wonderful.

I’d love to have this!

8. This is Ground Mod Laptop 2 Kit – $399

How PERFECT would this be for traveling?

I could put my Macbook Air in there, iPad and everything.

I just can’t figure out where to put the charger for the iPod Touch, Laptop and the converters for the plugs.

I know you can put it in the back in the leather slit but it just looks ugly / bulky.. and frankly, they should have thought about these things.

9. Cuyana Alpaca Cape in Camel – $195

I have been coveting and eying this cape for a long time…. but I decided to buy the Cuyana made in Italy navy wrap coat instead which is why I did not pull the trigger on the cape.

But one day.. my pretty.. you shall be mine!


  • s

    i’ve been wanting to try out a pair of m. gemi flats, but alas, i think i will have to wait until i get a job (or never, lol). also, that cape is divine!

  • The Asian Pear

    My wish list… A convertible backpack/handbag. A new suit for interviews. New fall boots. Rainboots & rain jacket (or trench). A new (p)leather moto jacket.

    I’m all about autumn attire right now. 😀

  • save. spend. splurge.

    I secretly dream of being a stylist actually.

  • NZ Muse


    The perfect wine red lipstick.

    Black boots.

    Another neutral ballet flat.

    A black heel/pump (never wear them but every once in awhile you need to bust them out for special occasions, and my current pair are DEAD)

    • save. spend. splurge.

      Nars Cruella is INCREDIBLE as a lipstick.

      Frye is a great brand for boots.

      Ballet flats — M. Gemi right now is on my lust list..

      As for black heels, I am too, looking for a great pair.

  • Teresa!

    OMG! WHERE do you find these websites and items??? Love the aesthetic of Cuyana and M. Gemi. Aspire to fewer, better things, but not there yet…

    A question: what does the horizontal line thru some of your selections indicate? Does this suggest you have decided to resist the “siren call” of these items, or instead, have the vendors run out? Curious!

    LOVE getting your emails… Many thanks!

    • save. spend. splurge.

      I am a shopaholic. I think that says it all? 🙂

      OK so I have a Broken Links checker & it’s supposed to check for links that are broken but for some reason it does it randomly..

  • Sarah

    I like that “fanny pack”. I used to see them in Europe all the time and imagined myself wearing all black with it and being a hipster haha!

  • Sarah

    I have the Japanese style scissors, beautiful to look at, but I never really use them for anything delicate as the handle design makes it hard to control them accurately! Either that or I am very clumsy…

  • middle class revolution

    Thanks for introducing me to m. Gemi. Those shoes are gorgeous. Or should I say no thanks?

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