All of my posts categories and their subcategories are listed here so you can deep-dive into them.

All my Podcasts

All the posts on MONEY

All the posts on MINIMALISM

  • Discussions – Thoughts from a minimalist
  • Lifestyle – Tips and Tricks from a minimalist
  • Nomadism – Constantly moving around (including travel)
  • Style – Minimalist style tips
  • What I sold – What I have gotten rid of

All the posts on CAREER

  • Success Stories – All the people I’ve coached and their stories
  • Discussions – Talking about work and our careers
  • Salary – Negotiation and Asking for MORE
  • Entrepreneurs – Being a freelancer isn’t easy…
  • Education – Going back to school or coming out of it…?

All the posts on STYLE

  • Discussions – How style is perceived in society and how we handle it
  • Organization – How to organize your closet, wardrobe & style
  • Work – Professional office wear and chatting about it
  • Wardrobe Help – Reviews, Closet Staples, etc
  • Women – Style specific to women
  • Men – Style specific to men; including discussions
  • Shopping – General shopping posts
  • Shop Quality Series – How to shop with an eye for quality and why fast fashion isn’t great
  • Sunday Shopping – Intermittent weekend feature of specific products I have found & loved
  • Archives Month of Style – I used to track everything I wore, but this was time consuming
  • Archives Style Bloggers <3 Budgeting – Used to feature bloggers and how they budgeted for shopping
  • Archives Shopaholic Series – Used to feature readers interested in talking about style

All the posts on TRAVEL

  • Discussions – Talking about traveling in different cities and living
  • Budget – How to travel on a budget
  • Packing – How to pack like a minimalist and travel
  • Stories – My personal travel stories
  • Travel Series – Photos and thoughts from trips I have taken

All the posts on LIFE

  • Week Of Money Diaries – Every Thursday I document a week in my life, unvarnished and transparent
  • What I read – All the books I have read and their mini reviews
  • Discussions – Talking about my life, emotional labour, etc
  • Parenting – The relationship between children and their parents – in my personal life & family
  • Recipes – A few of my go-tos, but talking about food in general
  • Reviews – Various things I have purchased and my honest review of them
  • Technology – Specific reviews about helpful technology I have purchased and general help

Last but not least…

Ask Sherry Anything! – Well anything except who I am and what my career is. I answer all questions submitted Anonymously.