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Style Spy: Ted Baker Lookalike Fuchsia Floral Midnight Orchid Print

This skirt from Contemporaine is a a dead ringer for the gorgeous Fuchsia Floral Ted Baker London print if I ever saw one!

The print from Ted Baker London is called the Fuchsia Floral and the skirt is Grettia, and they also make a gorgeous dress called Antonya in the same Fuchsia Floral.

Personally, the cut and print of the Ted Baker one is more pleasing but the Simons one isn’t half bad, considering what it is imitating.

Should I mention that I bought the Simons version? I’m thinking about not keeping it because it is kind of flimsy for $79 but I do so love the print.

Dilemma, dilemma.


  • Sylvie

    Oh, I know, I meant that I wouldn’t pay $79 for an okay knock-off because I consider that to be too much; for an excellent knock-off, sure. And when I compare the two photos–again without seeing them IRL–the $79 version seems only okay because the colours aren’t as saturated and because your eye is drawn across the stomach, rather than down the leg line. Then again, with Baby Bun, $79 might be more sensible.

    • save. spend. splurge.

      I’m considering them both again. I just can’t justify paying $230 for a floral skirt that I may not may not get a lot of wear out of.. that said, you are right — I was drawn to the TB skirt and then I saw the knockoff!

  • Sylvie

    Hmm, without paying attention to what was what, the one on the right immediately caught my eye. Love the cut, and the placement and shades of the blue petals. I would want to see the fabric, fit and structure, and examine the stitching, but I’d be inclined to purchase the one on the right if I loved it. $79 is too much to pay for something that I don’t love.
    It reminds me of this dress I own:

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