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Curated Closet Workbook Exercise: Document Your Outfits – Week Two

The First Week of outfits I had to document was here.

This Banana Republic sweater is FUN. It feels like a white teddy bear and is so soft. It has the look of angora but without the headache of having to deal with the annoying fuzz collecting on everything and driving you CRAZY sheddding like an animal.

The pants are my work wardrobe staple chinos in navy from Massimo Dutti. I bought a new pair this year, sizing up because I would rather have too loose clothing than too tight and I’m in between sizes.

I also own them in black but never reach for black, always navy so I didn’t replace them with a larger size.

The watch is simple and by Rosefield and the necklace is a trio of some DIY creations I made.

I loved this outfit in its simplicity. I’m not a fan of pastels, like Easter Candy colours but these pastels weren’t so pastel-y and didn’t really make me want to hurl.

The sweater itself is a long duster in a colour called “Cloud” from Aritzia and surprisingly I have a penchant for rose gold toned items like this sweater but also pink-toned taupes like this clutch from m0851.

The shirt was just a simple white The Gap thing and the pants were an ivory secondhand Armani Collezione (very $$$$$$ into the thousands) I scored for under $150. They feel amazing and are a world away from cheap white pants I’ve worn before.

Lastly, the necklace is from Massimo Dutti (love their simple minimalist jewellery) and I picked the green stone for some understated colour.

Recognize this shirt? Yes! Same Gerard Darrel one from Paris again.

I had a brain wave to try it with my Massimo Dutti trench coat skirt (sold out and bought at full retail price).

I like how it turned out especially with my vegan leather Matt and Nat tote.

Same Rosefield watch but the belt in the skirt is actually from Burberry, taken off my Burberry Trench coat .. I wear that belt so much more than the actual trench itself, to be honest with you.

One of my all time favourite boss outfits, when I want to look feminine and yet am completely covered up.

I am obsessed with this forest jungle green shade and this is a two piece outfit which means I can wear them separately with other pieces which I often do.

The watch is Olivia Burton again (another Little Bun favourite) and the necklace is from Caroline Néron, à Québec designer. I just really love this kind of pyramid stick look as you will see in many of my necklaces.

It makes a statement without being too glitzy or busy.

I decided on a casual shirt with a fancier one. This is my first and only chambray shirt from Anthropologie (brand: Cloth and Stone) with a knockoff skirt from Simons that they based off a Ted Baker piece (Grettia skirt) that I completely regret not buying.

I bought this dupe instead and it is nice but the other one is far nicer in quality, texture etc. I only wear this skirt because I love the print so damn much but I suffer through the polyester.

The necklace is another favourite statement piece from a random shop here in Montreal and the watch is Olivia Burton again.

The bag is a secondhand Céline Belt Bag which I can honestly say I find finicky to carry and use but love the look… oh the things we do for fashion!

Moooaaaahhhhh colour!!!!! And all thrifted save for the belt (stolen from my mother) and the ring (Etsy!).

Entire outfit without the bag was $11.

Bright thrifted Nanette Lepore sweater and a random (cheap) red midi skirt with my mother’s magenta belt.

I just went hard on this monochromatic-es que outfit today because I felt so neutral last week.

Bag is a secondhand black Givenchy Antigona because it is so roomy and practical and grounds this look.

I got tired of being creative. I wanted a comfortable shirt and this plaid one was it. I knotted it for some interest but that’s all I could muster up style-wise.

Necklace is a under $10 find from Holt Renfrew and very Wonder Woman-esque.

Sage cuff hiding under the shirt is from a favourite designer – Alkemie – who uses recycled brass, and the massive Givenchy Antigona bag is because I had so many errands to run that I needed a suitcase.


Interested in reading more?

Flip through all of my Curated Closet Workbook pages and notes.

A little about this series:

I am embarking on a 8-week (or longer) excursion to do this exercise from one of my favourite style books – The Curated Closet – and to show you what my Curated Closet Workbook (companion workbook to the actual book) looks like at every step of the way.

Why do this?

Because I know what I like but I have no idea why I like what I do. I just do, and it seems very hodge-podge and all over the place. Being very Type A, I kind of want to pin it down and to know WHY.

I feel like it would help me narrow down my style personas more, and stop me from making bad / stupid shopping mistakes.

Also, I really like reading about these kinds of things from other people. I love it when people go through and talk about their style evolution and why.

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