Save. Spend. Splurge.

Stylish Money: 5 Wardrobe Pieces You Can Save Your Money On



You really don’t need to spend a fortune on pieces that are not meant to last a lifetime.

Sad but true, tanks will stretch out and get ruined, and loungewear is meant for that — lounging around.

You can find great pieces in all of the above for much lower price points, you don’t really need those $50 flip flops or a really fancy graphic scarf (unless it really is something unusual!!), you can find cheaper options.



  • Sarah

    Hi Sherry – love your money tips and I am in awe of your financial wisdom. Have to disagree with this post though. No need to spend a fortune on loungewear or t shirts, but they do need to be of the very best possible quality and sweat shop free off course. Ideally in organic cotton, linen or cashmere. After all the world is now a much more casual place and we spend most of our time dressed now.

    • save. spend. splurge.

      What a good point! I myself wear sweatpants from a brand called Skin. Cost me $130 and they’re ruined because of the toddler (have to kneel to change him and play with him), but I do have to say that we don’t have to look far for good quality FEELING loungewear and tshirts, even if they aren’t organic cotton, linen or cashmere. If it’s out of people’s budget, there’s no point in suggesting $130 sweatpants.

      • Sarah

        I bought things from the brand you mention ‘skin’, nightwear and undies, lovely colours and organic cotton, but they did not keep their shape well at all. I don’t think the quality is there, despite the price. Majestic filatures is a much better buy, not suggesting couture sweatpants here, but nicely made & sweat shop free is a must.

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