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Great Gift Idea: The “Lost My Name” Book for Children

This is completely unsolicited.

I just really think it’s a brilliant idea.

I’m REALLY. REALLY. not into giving gifts. I mean I wrote a whole post on having a Minimalist Christmas.

… but I think this is SO BRILLIANT & wonderful, that I ordered the book with various characters in two languages for Baby Bun (French & English) with his name.

I cannot wait to read this to him at night before bedtime. His father will alternate with the French one.

I think this would be a wonderful present for anyone, not just children. I absolutely am so thrilled about it, I went nuts and bought a whole bunch for all the kids I know and love.

Here’s what it kind of looks like, it is so brilliant:


Why I bought it:

  • Comes in multiple languages: From French to German to Swedish; no Occidental languages yet
  • Is personalized to each child especially if yours has a unique name
  • GREAT GIFT even for adults with unique names who can NEVER find their names in stores
  • English language lets you choose between 3 types of boy or girl characters (other languages do not have this feature yet)
  • Shipping is FREE. WORLDWIDE. Of course that is already baked into the price, but still. NO SHIPPING CHARGE.
  • You can preview the whole book, page by page!


Some downsides:

  • Mostly geared towards the English-speaker in the sense that you don’t have as many alphabet characters to choose from in other languages & you cannot choose the type of boy or girl you want in other languages like below; you only get the dark haired little girl or boy.


  • Limited alphabet examples for rare alphabet characters which means if your child has a lot of “N” or “X” in their names, it will only show one animal type. In English you have more options.


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(For those of you who already have it, what do you think??)


  • MelD

    I noticed that this is really being pushed this year. I was amused because of course in this day and age of self-publishing, internet, home computers and printers, it’s a pretty simple idea. About 25 years ago my grandmother found someone who made little individual books like this (and my older kids have unusual names!) and we thought it was lovely and unique, you could even include the names of their friends at the time. The girls were fascinated for about 5 minutes and the books were shoddy and badly-made and fell apart rapidly. The idea is really nice and I hope these new ones are better made than way back! Though possibly it’s another of those gorgeous things for the parents and the kids aren’t bothered – I found, looking back, there’s a lot of stuff like that ;o!!

    • save. spend. splurge.

      I hope not either! I tried to vary the characters in the different languages, but I think nevertheless it is a nice thought for a parent to buy books for a child that has their name in it. If nothing else, it will help them learn their name.. I hope!

  • Revanche

    It is AWESOME. I didn’t tell PiC what it was or that I was in any way expecting anything so I let him discover the new book on the shelf and he loved it too 🙂 they read it right away. I’m so tempted to do an Italian and French one. I’m barely any good at either but hell, ze will only learn if we try, right?

  • Kim @ Needing The Dough

    I have bought gifts very similar to this for the birth of child. For our kids first Christmas, we bought them a personalized Christmas book. It’s about a special Christmas bear, and it comes with a tiny little stuffed bear like in the book. We read them all the time. The girls love them because it’s THEIR book, not just for anyone (they don’t know anyone with their names, so anything with their name on it belongs to them, no exceptions. lol).

  • Maria

    Thank you! I have ordered one for Italian baby girl and with free delivery to Italy I don’t event have the hassle of carrying it:)

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