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Holiday Gift Guide for the Foodie or Host / Hostess




1. Totally Bamboo Tree Life Cutting Board – $47.99 — This gorgeous cutting board would be perfect to serve cheese on, little nibbles, or even a sandwich (the trend these days is to use cutting boards as serving platters, if you have been watching Jamie Oliver).

It looks like a slice of wood but it’s bamboo!

If you want more conventional looking cutting boards, I am in love with these Park Hill cutting boards in three sizes for $260.

2. West Elm Rose Gold Salad Serving Utensils – $39 — They’re elegant and would look nice even just as decoration (but they do have a purpose!).

3. Nambe Butterfly Salad Bowl and Servers – $195 — These are the fancier version of #2, but they are simply gorgeous especially for someone who loves serving salad with every meal. You can also use it as a fruit bowl, if you are so willing to put fruit into a $200 bowl!

4. Jo Malone London White Jasmine & Mint Home Candle – $65 — You simply, utterly, cannot go wrong with a candle  for a hostess. It will set the mood after you eat (you wouldn’t want to have perfume on a table to ruin anyone’s appetite), but it does smell great and helps clear away the food smell after the meal is done and you’re all having an after-dinner chat.

5. Travertine Cabernet Sauvignon Wine Coaster – $7.95 — There are other awesome options too which are shown above for those who like to have a little fun with their coasters:

6. Luigi Bormioli Vinoteque Decanter – $26.50 — Are they really into drinking wine? This is the best shape for a wine decanter so that the wine can breathe and develop (no I don’t drink, but I have a lot of French friends and acquaintances).

7. Where Chefs Eat: A Guide to Chef’s Favourite Restaurants – $19.95 —  A practical, foodie-related guide to great restaurants all over the world.

8. Stainless Steel Measuring Set – $42 — Every chef and cook needs this in their kitchen, I don’t care who you are talking to. They’re handy, and will make for precise measuring when required.

(You just can’t guess at amounts when you bake!)

9. Apron – $20 — If they don’t already have an apron, they should get one!

Also shown:

10. Kiehl’s Creme de Corps Soy Milk & Honey Whipped Body Butter – $48 — After doing dishes, running around and doing all the things you could do to dry out your hands, a little pampering with some deliciously rich body butter is what a cook needs.


Okay I had to add this at the last minute because I bought myself a pair and I AM IN LOVE with them!

(Is that weird? Being in love with gloves?)


These Casabella Water Stop Pink All Purpose Gloves are amazing. They fit my mini hands perfectly (they’re contoured for smaller hands), they feel comfortable, they stop the water, and they protect against hot water when I do dishes, any kind of cleaning agent (even vinegar can take a toll on your hands I am sure), and they can be used anywhere, even washing a car.

Plus this is totally too girly for words, but I love how magenta pink they are. (Sorry guys. They don’t come in other colours.)

They are FANTASTIC. So fantastic, I bought 3 pairs.

One for outside the house, like washing a car, one for washing dishes, and one spare for whatever else I can imagine.


  • Lila

    These are really cute. One of my favorite places to shop during the holiday season is Restoration Hardware, although they are known as an expensive store for their furniture, they do have affordable items as well especially around the holidays.

    I adore the Maisy Apron, I tend to love anthropologie in general. 🙂

  • SarahN

    I bought myself a candle last year (in the post Christmas sales) but this year I’m more worried about the chemicals they put in to make them scented. Seems the more I read the more of a greenie I become!

    • save. spend. splurge.

      @SarahN: I don’t buy anything with perfume in it now. It makes me too sensitive but also, they do put a lot of chemicals that when they burn, cause health problems..

      The only perfume I like is flower essential oils like lavender. Otherwise I avoid perfumes.

  • Cindy

    These presents would be perfect for my sister Charlie. I have gloves that same color but not the same brand. What’s so special about those?

    • save. spend. splurge.

      These Casabella gloves have a water stop feature at the cuff, they fit my hands perfectly, are cotton-flocked (won’t stick), and have grippy squares to really hold wet/slippery dishes.

      I.. REALLY love them. I love using them.

  • anna

    I love those aprons, who knew they were becoming so stylish these days!

  • MatthewChat

    Thank you! My sister is a corgi fanatic, so you just gave me another gift idea! 🙂

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