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Holiday Gift Giving Guide: For Him (Under $100)




1. “Whatever, I’m late anyway” watch – $50 — I just like the wit and whimsy of this. Perfect for the person who is ALWAYS late, no matter how hard they seem to try.

There is also a stainless steel version, and I particularly like this one for math geeks as well.

2. Urbanears Washable Headphones – $49 — WASHABLE. HEADPHONES. Need I say more?

3. Moleskine 6-Pocket Accordion Folio Portfolio – $30 — Every time I bring this little portfolio out, guys gasp. I don’t know what it is about men and sleek, minimalist portfolios, but it does it for them in ways I don’t understand.

I own the large and small sizes (one for the purse, the other just for documents on the go).

4. Star Wars 9″ Figurines – $20 — For ages 3 and up, or for his inner child. No seriously. I really like Darth Vader and Yoda.

5. Travel Scratch Map – $26.95 — For the voyageur!

6. BookBook Travel Journal iPad Case – $100 — For the guy that basically lives with his iPad and needs something to hold everything, while looking very cool.

7. Camera Lens Mug – $16 — Just a cool mug for the photographer in your life.

8. Hobo Eat Kit – $18 — Seriously as it says. It could be fabulous for the eco-friendly, McGuyver-type of guy in your life, because they’re eating utensils on the go!

9. Cordito Cord Wrap – $40 — Manly yet practical. It’s way more practical than my other methods (stuffing it into a mesh bag!), and it holds 3 cords, which for me would be perfect, as there is also a little pouch to hold the charger for your laptop.

I liked it so much, I bought it in Gold (it was $10 more..), and I put my iPod/iPhone Charger, Camera cable cord, Macbook Air charger and my headphones in there.

10. Starbucks Travel Mug – $20 — They’re made in China, but before I went on my No China kick, I basically lived on this mug. This double-walled insulated mug is one of the best mugs on the market. It doesn’t spill, keeps your drinks cold or warm and are fantastic.

Not only that, you get $0.10 off at Starbucks on every drink you order with your own mug because it’s great for the environment.

11. Flint & Tinder 10-Year Hoodie – $89 — A hoodie guaranteed for 10 years. 10 YEARS! For the guy that hates to shop, this would be perfect. It was a project on Kickstarter which is even cooler.

It is the perfect, most durable hoodie you can buy. The price isn’t so bad either.

12. Everlane Reverse-Denim Snap Backpack – $65 — A simple, minimalist, great backpack for the guy on the go. He’ll finally be able to replace that ratty, hole-y, torn, dirty sack he calls a bag.



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