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Can you describe in a basic way what you own, clothing and jewelery-wise?

Umm… you can check out my Instagram @saverspender for example outfits, but in general if I were just to brainstorm random words:
  • Lots of designer secondhand items
  • Unique interesting pieces – especially in bags & jewellery
  • Map-anything!
  • Menswear-inspired (but not mannish)
  • Soft & Comfortable Natural & Breathable Fabrics – Cashmere, Shearling, Cotton, Wool, Silk
  • Nothing cropped
  • Nothing too short
  • Nothing low-cut
  • Slightly oversized (not skintight / bodycon unless the look is that)
  • Mostly Cobalt Blue / Magenta & Fuchsia / Navy Blue / Ivories & Whites / Very Little Black
  • Barely any Athleisure – No sweat anything
  • Simple Luxurious Cuts & Fabrics (think: The Row, Hermès)
  • A little Leather & Rock & Roll – I live in my leather leggings and love my moto boots & jackets


The entire series can be found here: Women in Clothes Style & Fashion Survey


  • Minh Thuy

    For clothing I have:
    – Couple of black work pants (and whatever I feel like for the top as we have uniforms at the dental practice)
    – Comfortable Black/navy/gray pants/stretchy jeans that can be dressed up or down for a casual look
    – Navy sweater, and dark sweater with statement floral embroidery – a couple more sweaters but different textures
    – Chambray blouse, striped blouse, black see through blouse with lace details, while silk blouse
    – Plain white, grey t-shirts
    – A couple of skirts, some casual, some dressy, some sexy lol.

    – A few thick jackets for winter, fitted cropped blazer for going out/corporate events and recently added a new lightweight floral bomber jacket from Cue with I love wearing during the summer.
    – A few (2-3) floral shift/t-shirt style dresses which is easy to wear during our hot Aussie summer

    – Accessories are usually a range of stud earrings, cute gold coloured rings from Korea, my Burberry watch (one and only watch I wear, if I wear any).

    – Shoes are comfortable, sandals, or boots – flats sometimes. I don’t have flats comfortable any more…I need some sort of cushioning or curvature and my toes to be squished less. Heels, I avoid.

    I constantly check my wardrobe to ensure that what I have I love, is comfortable, fitted and something I can wear for a long time. Its funny because my boyfriend actually has more clothes that I do. But everything I have, I can wear all the time and look well put together all the time with little effort even though it may not look that way.

    • Sherry of Save. Spend. Splurge.

      I feel like in theory I would love your wardrobe but in reality I would hate it from the lack of choice and just.. trying a ton of stuff all the time in various combinations!!! 🙂

      I love that it works for you.

  • PwedePadala

    Anything that keeps me warm especially in winter:
    – skinny pants
    – sweater (not the itchy type)
    – long sleeve (black/stripe)
    – hoodie (all year round even in summer when it’s cold inside the house)
    – slip-on shoes, sneakers
    – no jewellery or watch (I use my phone)
    – handkerchief (always comes in handy)
    – coat (then hoodie underneath)

    Most of clothing that I have are made of cotton and fleece that are mostly black because it traps heat (not so sure about it).

  • Tania

    -Inspired by Japanese fashion, 2 styles: natural & architectural minimalist
    -Small batch handmade clothing/handbags made in the US or Canada
    -A few designer handbags in classic styles
    -Oversized dresses, drawn to kimono sleeves outerwear. Except for jeans I prefer clothing to fit with slight weight fluctuation either way, which means less tailored – where a one size dress can just look different on varying sizes.
    -Black, grey, army green clothing.
    -Black, grey, greige, burgundy and cognac accessories/shoes but currently having a poppy red moment
    -Comfort shoes with heels 1 to 2 inches
    -Garmentory is the online shopping site that speaks to me the most

  • Sense

    classic but with small unique details
    occasional sparkles
    no sleeveless
    no wool or scratchy fabrics
    nothing that clings to the mid-section
    machine wash and dry-able
    zero designer items!
    simple, delicate quality silver jewelry

    • Sherry of Save. Spend. Splurge.

      That sounds like my list except “wrinkled”. I hate seersucker for instance.

      • Sense

        Sadly my ‘wrinkled’ doesn’t refer to fabrics designed to look rumpled, it refers to the fact that I let the clothes sit in the dryer too long after they are done (I usually set the dryer on at night before going to bed). And then I don’t own an iron, so they just stay a little wrinkled even after I fold them or hang them up. Luckily, my workplace is uber casual and no one cares–people walk around in ragged cutoff jean shorts, singlets, and bare feet! I wore a simple, black tshirt dress today and everyone asked me why I was so dressed up.

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