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Are there any dressing rules you’d like to convey to other women?

The only advice I want to ever impart about style and dressing are these three things:

1. Always be comfortable.

Don’t wear 4″ heels if you cannot.

Don’t wear tight, short skirts if you can’t bend down. Or long maxi dresses you can’t walk in.

My maximum for heels, is 3.25″ exactly.

I am tall enough, comfortable and with a good stride. You need to figure out your heel height for your best stride or DON’T WEAR THEM AT ALL. It is better to feel and look short in flats than to wear heels and clomp around like a man learning how to wear heels.

2. Wear what you like

Like a certain colour?

These are my favourites:

Chances are, it’s YOUR colour.

I’ve noticed that the colours I tend to not like or gravitate towards, are ones that don’t look good on me. Mustard yellow? Dull, muddy greens? Ashy greys? Browns for the most part unless in leather goods? All wrong colours on and for me. The colours that I really love, like cobalt blue or fuchsia, tend to be exactly what makes me look and feel great. So I wear ’em.

3. Always use the rule of opposites

Menswear-inspired tailored pointy-toed loafers? Pair them with a dress or something feminine to contrast.

Shorter skirt? Wear a long-sleeved top or a long cardigan and boots.

Longer skirt? Wear flats, or high heels and a cropped jacket.

Black top? White bottom.

Don’t try and match too much in both styling inspiration and colour.

What makes an outfit interesting in the end is the mix and match of high and low, menswear-inspired & feminine details, colour contrasts, and letting things be as they are – statement pieces that stand alone, like a printed dress with no jewellery, or a plain t-shirt and jeans with arms full of bangles.


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