Save. Spend. Splurge.

In the world of Save. Spend. Splurge.: Where a melon costs as much as a car

For real. Melons can cost up to $27,000. O_o

Absolutely hands down the best liquid eyeliner I have ever worn. Beats out all the fancy brands like Stila, Makeup Forever, etc. It goes on like a highly pigmented marker, the tip doesn’t wear down, it isn’t too lacquered/slick and yes it is waterproof and lasts the whole day without wiping off AT ALL…. and yet, comes off easily with makeup removers. HOLY GRAIL. Also, it’s cheaper.

What healthy perfectionists (myself included) do… I know what I can and cannot achieve. $1 million as a salary is out of my range because.. I don’t want to reach that level in terms of having to work to climb a ladder in a corporation and battle to the TOP TOP TOP, so I am happy and content that I am successful in my own right. Those people who make all that money seem very unhappy and stressed, and work long long long hours (I have been eying the VP’s schedule and it is not appealing at all). Ain’t nobody gonna tell me that making over 6-figures a year, working normal 40-hour weeks is NOT a successful career.

Oh.. this poncho is stunning. I have to tell you that I love ponchos but they have to be light otherwise it feels like you’re wearing a thick blanket that just weighs you down.  Then it cuts into the back of your neck and feels terrible. The lighter the weight of the wool (cashmere, alpaca for instance), the better it is. But of course, it becomes pricier…

If pens worked like printers. LOLZ

I bought a dress from MM.Lafleur and it is PHENOMENAL. My tailor said the seaming, the binding, the quality and technical expertise of the dress was just incredible. She knew it was quality work and was impressed. If your job requires formal-ish workwear, this is the brand to go to, it will be dresses that last a lifetime.

This is so very true — I just recently had this discussion with a reader who was not thinking of applying to a job she was MORE THAN QUALIFIED FOR but did (more on that story later), because men apply to jobs when they have 60% of the requirements and women, only if they check every single box.

This v-neck cashmere sweater for under $100 looks very luxe and expensive for its price.

How to live with a spender when you’re a saver. Comparatively speaking, I’m obviously the spender in our relationship, but compared to the general public I’m actually a saver…spender.. Hence why my handle is in conflict: saverspender! I do both. Well.

I feel like these heeled booties would be perfect as a casual and work boot.

Oh.. and big shout out to Luxe Strategist for listing me as one of her two blogs she likes to read. <3 She listed a whole bunch of other places to go get info for style + money as well, so go check it out. I will say that I fell down the rabbit hole of her recommendations.


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