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What are some foods or things you really don’t like to eat?

There is not much in the food world that I “hate” to eat, but there are many things I CAN and WILL eat, but if given the choice, will avoid, such as…


I have never liked them. My parents snack on this stuff raw like there is no tomorrow but I have never gotten into the flavour. I find it too floral or something.

Anyway, when I was pregnant with Little Bun, my partner would eat cucumbers in the kitchen during summer and I would actually leave the room, because I was so nauseous from the smell.

In contrast, I love coriander, which my partner will feel nauseous at the smell of (he has that coriander gene thing that makes it taste like disgusting soap to him and makes him feel extremely sick).

Honeydew melons and Cantaloupes

AGAIN, my parents are all over these things when they’re in season, but the taste and smell of them, make me very queasy.

Too floral, I can’t imagine just wanting to snack on this stuff.

I like the texture, I like the sweetness, I just find the flavour off-putting.

Yet, mixed with proscuitto in a salad, with other flavours to mask/cover the taste, I can eat them and even enjoy it as part of that meal, but alone?


See this salad above? This I can do.


I am with Tom Colicchio on this one. Those, and sea cucumbers are slimy and gross.  GROSS.

I think someone from Top Chef or from the south, needs to come up and make this for me in such a way that I would enjoy eating them and not think they are gross. I hear there is a recipe to bake them in the oven to crisp them up and remove the sliminess?

I have no idea but I am NOT ON BOARD. Hate this stuff.

What do you not like to eat? What are your discomfort foods?


  • Clara

    There’s only ONE thing that comes to mind: caraway – it tastes really disgusting to me.
    Everything else is fair game! The only thing that was fuss-free about me as a child were my tastebuds, I liked almost everything. And fortunately, this hasn’t changed.

  • Suba

    I am a vegetarian and only like eggs either soft boiled or poached. And I detest raspberries..just yuck!

  • NZ Muse

    No beetroot. No broccoli. No oysters.

  • Domonique of She's The IT Guy

    I totally agree with Okra. Can’t stand it. Doesn’t matter what I do to it. It tastes horrible.
    I also can’t get behind most spices – nutmeg, cinnamon, allspice, ginger, celery seed, – all ruin any food I would want to eat.

    I’m probably in the minority here, but I ABSOLUTELY hate avocado. It’s so fatty and the texture makes my tongue cry. Same issue with fresh mango. Can’t do it, but my kids love it.

    To each their own.

    • Sherry of Save. Spend. Splurge.

      You’re like my partner — he hates spices. I LOVE them. They’re all good to me..

      Avocado and mango again — my and Little Bun’s favourites. My partner hates mango though unless it is the Alfonso kind from India.. he says the flavour is not as strong.

  • Jen

    Bananas. Loved them as a toddler, but at some point in early childhood I started to hate them. Don’t like the flavor or the texture.

    Any kind of melon, especially watermelon. Hate the flavor, hate the texture.


    Nutmeg (unless it’s really buried with other spices).

    Beets, but I have only ever had them pickled from a jar…perhaps I would like fresh, but I haven’t been brave enough to try.


    Fresh ginger.

    • Sherry of Save. Spend. Splurge.

      I’m the opposite — hated bananas as a kid and now I will eat them.

      Hate melons but not watermelon lol !!

      Capers are too salty but I can eat them on top of other things….

      Pickled beets are good but fresh beets are great for me too. Very earthy which my partner thinks is gross but for some reason I’m drawn to it.

      Love saffron! And ginger! Wow 🙂 this is so interesting.

  • Laurie

    Okra – toss with a bit of olive oil and salt the roast or grill. No slime, all deliciousness! It’s worth a try anyway.

  • Sense

    brussels sprouts. I’ve tried every recipe to prepare them that looks appetizing, but I just hate the flavor. I’ve given up.

    I took a 23andMe genetic test and my tastebuds are especially attuned to bitter flavors–and sprouts/broccoli/cabbage/ruciferous veggies like that are really bitter to me. Interestingly enough, they contain anti-thyroid glucosinate and I have thyroid problems, so maybe it is just my body looking out for me. 🙂


  • Sandy

    Ever since I read about tape worms in raw salmon, I cannot eat sushi. The idea of worms has ruined the entire thing for me. Cannot do it LOL

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