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China: The Middle Way – Organic Foods and Why What We’re Eating Matters

I am still not sold on China in all of its aspects, but it does make me very happy to hear that there are Chinese people who feel differently about the way things are done in China.

I knew they existed (no matter how small of a percentage), but I like it even more if I can see them, hear them speak, and listen to them.

Although I must note that with the pollution in China, what they grow there can’t help but be slightly polluted, as it all absorbs what is in the environment.

Still, there is hope.


And here’s a second video you will find interesting — gardening on rooftops in Beijing and Hong Kong.

Very endearing.


It’s just common sense if you sit down, and take the time to piece everything together — good food, means your body functions better and you feel better as a result.

Bad food, means your body has to fight harder to try and process that crap, which can result in diseases, cancers, and other health problems.

Heard on the radio the other day about how colon and gastrointestinal problems are on the rise due to all the crap we’re eating (junk food and processed foods).

Our bodies simply cannot process that crap and our colons and stomachs are unable to get rid of all that junk that we eat.

It is NOT how we have been built to function, and we are destroying our health because of it.

If you’d like to argue this point with me, trying eating McDonald’s junk food (the whole meal) 3X a day and tell me how you feel in a month.

No. Scratch that.

Tell me how you feel in a DAY or just after consuming it.

It is all right to eat junk food once in a while, but it doesn’t even mean once a week or even once a month is acceptable.

More like once a year.


I am obviously more on the hippie side of things, trying my best to not eat food that isn’t as natural as possible, but it goes beyond just avoiding junk food or processed items.

It also means making sure that I buy raw ingredients that haven’t been touched by pesticides or chemicals to help produce more than what is naturally possible.

It means not using hand sanitizers and all those stupid bacteria-killing wipes to clean every surface of our home which are just a marketing sham.

Not all bacteria is bad, and

In North America we aren’t as diligent as we should be, and we should be stricter on food regulations here, as they are in Europe.

It just seems so simple, but difficult to execute because natural foods means 2 major things:

  1. Money — it is not cheap to buy organic food
  2. Scarcity — natural foods don’t grow in bumper crops, we modified them to grow like that

But do we want to vote with our money? Or take chances on our health?

Choice is really up to us.

I’m choosing health.

No point in having millions in the bank if I am dead by 40 from a heart attack or suffering from colon cancer.


  • Pauline @ Make Money Your Way

    I read there were more colon and stomach cancers due to stress as well. Sure it isn’t cheap to eat well, but with the $5 a McD menu costs (more like $10 in France!), three times a day, you can buy really good and healthy food. I’d be interested in a comparison between how much a household spends in food today and how much was spent 50 years ago, I imagine before people spent an even bigger proportion of their income in food but now we seem to have other priorities.

    • saverspender @ save. spend. splurge.

      I had a weird dream last night that I ate Chicken McNuggets. I can still remember the texture and taste, but then I got sick right after. Guess my body was telling me: Don’t even try. It SOUNDS good in your head when you have your memories as a child but you will probably not like them now.

      Actually being in Europe I am surprised how people survive without their ticket restos in France. I’ll write more about this and maybe you can comment more in-depth, knowing people who live there, but I feel absolutely horrid for the way things are going in France and Spain.

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