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In the world of Save. Spend. Splurge.: “My boyfriend won’t stop gambling in crypto”, and other articles..


This was a very good, honest response to a reader talking about how her boyfriend won’t stop gambling in crypto (she considers him her soulmate), and asks for advice what to do. Gambling is an addiction, and it is not easy to kick. They also have to want to stop gambling to make any headway but most gamblers don’t see it as an issue at all, they’re ‘making money’, even if they lose more of it than not. With this addiction not handled, he WILL sink you and your finances; imagine if you had children? Even worse. Get rich quick schemes never work, and you’ll spend your life stressed about money. Period.


I am.. obsessed with these Fly by Jing sauces. They’re truly the perfect condiment to anything. I can throw this on .. a log of wood and think it’s delicious.


I have been watching Bling Empire obsessively, for their manufactured drama, their food shots, and their style. Mostly just how rich some of these people are, is mind-boggling, like having Chanel come to your home to let you try on things in your size and you just keep what you want so they’ll bill you later. Insanity. Anyway, one of the stars of the show (you love her or hate her), is Christine Chiu, and her closet is .. wow.

I don’t love everything they wear, in fact, I find most of it rather tacky, no matter the price tag. But a few pieces here and there, make me very happy and I think – Oh that looks nice, can I recreate that from my wardrobe?

Now I have discovered a whole new playlist of super rich people talking about their wardrobes and closets. *hearts in eyes*


Little Bun got this Scratch Coding book and has been spending hours learning how to code this little cat and some melons. I hope this sparks a new hobby of his which would be cool.


This article on a girl being forced into marriage is heartbreaking. I understand cultural norms, cultural this and that… but I cannot EVER agree with those views, even if I understand them. I am 100% always for the right of the person to choose.


I thought I would try and DIY these beautiful gold feather earrings but they’re intricate. Maybe I should just bite the bullet and buy them.


This one pot mushroom pasta looks.. absolutely divine. I need to make this, I have been craving creamy pastas for a while now.


I am a sucker for white dresses. This summery one is.. PERFECTION. I love that the tie doesn’t look cheap as it is tapered, and it looks beautiful.

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