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In the world of Save. Spend. Splurge.: Many rich women are carrying counterfeit designer bags


Did you know that some, if not a good chunk of all the bags you see on the arms of rich women, are basically fakes? This kind of shocked me. I guess they played off the cachet of already being obviously rich (living in an expensive home, expensive cars, etc), that they did not feel the need to actually spend the money on authentic handbags, plus get off on the idea that they pulled the wool over everyone’s eyes. Apparently these fakes are so good, you can’t even tell at the retail level, when it is THEIR JOB to authenticate it.


I am very tempted by this bright, super comfortable, floral dress. I think it looks like so much fun.


I think it is also a terrible thing that men aren’t really allowed in society to be shorter. The average height of a man is not 6′. And men in society, who are 6′ or taller are at a SERIOUS advantage in life. So it is not a surprise to me that this man went through very painful leg-lengthening surgery to change his life and his outlook on it.

I find it sad that he had to at all. What nonsense that we expect men to be 6′ or taller to be taken seriously. 🙁


What a smart idea – if you need to touch up paint, just use a nailpolish-like applicator like this paint touchup pen rather than getting out the brush and redoing it all.


OMG. This story of being switched at birth is both crazy and heartbreaking. It is seriously… painful. To find out after years and years of this, that your childhood was not yours, in a sense, you were not with your actual biological family where you felt like you belonged. Goodness.


Hide all cables and unsightly cords with this open, faux-bookshelf storage box that looks pretty and colourful. It is such a SMART idea.


He sued the KKK not too long ago, as they used his voice to try and indoctrinate and brainwash children into thinking Mr. Rogers supported white supremacy. People are disgusting. And Mr. Rogers is <3.


A surprising use for denture tablets? Use them to soak and clean away hard water stains from your toilet bowl. I will be buying a pack to try so it makes scrubbing easier.

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