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In the world of Save. Spend. Splurge.: Call me a geriatric millennial, I dare you…! LOL

1. I DARE YOU..!

…to call me a geriatric millennial to my face. LOL… but really, this article on how my generation is the one that sits right in the middle of “old” tech and yet embracing “new” tech easily, was an interesting read. I remember the days of Sony Discman, VHS Tapes and rewinding them to return, Dial-Up Internet (oh when someone picked up the phone to call, you could hear howls in my house), and all of this stuff that Little Bun for instance, Little Gen Z Bun, has no idea about.

And yet, I know how to navigate all the new tech – Instagram, Snapchat, Bluetooth connections, etc. All of this sometimes drives my partner nuts because with the changing tech, it is hard to keep up.

Another thing older Millennials (should I say distinguished?), are good at, is learning how to read the room in an office like facial expressions, how to dress professionally, and so on. We are not going to turn up in crop top sweatshirts and bike shorts to the office, and we understand the fine line between self-expression and just not


These foot pads, if you were looking for some cushiony comfort this summer, are excellent. I use them in all of my shoes. They also stop your foot from sliding.

3. GEN Z

So.. there has been a lot of talk about how mothers on Instagram tried to show a very perfect life (mostly Millennials), whereas on TikTok, the Gen Z mothers on there are showing the realties of life, rather than perfect versions. So this article on how they are working pretty hard to show reality, made me realize that this new Generation Z, is into shorter bursts of information, but also, less into captions and lengthy info. Just… life, lived. But virtually. I feel like there is an article here on this, but it is as though they want to, or are comfortable living a life through their many influencers, perhaps, in lieu of living their own lives?


I tried metallic thread to create conductivity in my gloves, and that didn’t work. So now I am trying out these new sticker (?) pads that you put on your gloves. Hopefully these work because I hate removing my gloves when it gets cold, to be able to use my phone.


LOL. Really, this article about how seams, and checking the quality of how something has been made or tailored, is a good start in seeing what a quality garment is. I always check seams (I lightly tug at them to see if they give), loose threads, matching patterns across somewhere (it bothers me when they don’t even make an effort), the fabric itself, etc.


One of the best books I have read all year on the American-Vietnam War. It’s a comic book, or a graphic novel. I legit cried. This should be mandatory reading material to learn history through the eyes of those who lived it, rather than those dry textbooks with only one view of what happened. I highly recommend you read it, and make everyone else around you, read it.


I read this article on CBC about how they are thinking of banning “forced labour” clothing from our closets (among other items), by actively restricting regions that have been known to flaunt the rules. I think it is a nice start, but not really that enforceable, let alone the fact that they can simply ship it elsewhere, and show it coming from another country. It feels to me like it is hiding the issue, and frankly, causing more environmental issues by causing companies to get creative about that “origin of departure” label on their items. Let alone “made in” labels.

What’s the answer? I don’t have it, but I know part of it is the change from within. Not buying from those companies, or buying cheap crap just because it’s there, is for me, the best answer. The less demand, the better, along with actively disallowing sweatshops to continue unfettered.


If you are looking for a fun, super bright, summery print, look no farther than this Gap June Multifloral printed swimsuit. I LOVE IT. Also comes as a high rise bottom.. which you can mix and match with other bikini tops you may have, to refresh your swimming wardrobe.

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