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Sofia Vergara. Hot and making a killing on TV.

At least a woman is killing it somewhere because in the business and tech world, it’s all just downright degrading.


Your name really affects how you’re seen in your career.

This is why we took a lot of time to choose Baby Bun’s name carefully.


Get more money for your work. NOW.


Not that I am keen on spending $650 on yet another leather jacket but I love how this one mixes fabric with leather for such a cool, easy look…


The real dirt on the salaries in fashion. They are kind of what I expected…. a little higher than I had initially thought, but in the ballpark.I am sure they get a lot of swag too!!

I want to be a design director… obviously.


Love these quotes of women choosing to not have children.


The origin of ‘piss poor’ and other common sayings. Quite a fascinating read because I HAD NO IDEA. I love it when history makes things make sense.


The video quality sucks, but Emma Watson was… KILLER with her speech on feminism. <3

If you can’t watch the video or don’t want to, here is the entire speechΒ transcript.


Ever pay $23,000 for a flight?

Well maybe after reading this, you’ll want to. At least I WANT TO….. with someone else’s money of course.


48 unexpected views of historic events. I particularly liked these ones, but they’re ALL good.. some are very sad and painful to look at.




I love love love closet cleanout posts, and Gia does the BEST ONES. (Girl thinks she has a ton of clothes.. HAH! She should see my wardrobe.)


The wealthiest people by state. An interesting infographic!


CEOs get paid WAY TOO MUCH, and everyone in the world agrees.

Oh and don’t bother looking for Canada, we NEVER MAKE THE LIST in these charts *sigh*

Speaking of bosses, I am in favour of this 3-day workweek but working longer. The weekend is too short.


What it’s really like for a woman in a venture capitalist’s world — what we need is more women starting up their own firms and investing so that other women can get a foot in the door. The recipe of success of a young Mark Zuckerberg-like entrepreneur with a “hot” idea is passe, folks, and it is really appalling what women have to put up with just to do business.


Interested in childcare in general? Here are some great articles written by Jessica Grose from Slate of different forms of childcare around the world.


I may have to start looking into doing this. My heel caps are being burned through like no tomorrow.


Well this is awkward. Literally.


  • Lisa

    I’ve been wanting a 3 day work week since forever! I also think it would help generate more jobs πŸ™‚

  • The Asian Pear

    Hahaha. Thanks for the link love. Yes, very awkward indeed.

  • Gia T.

    1. Thanks for the link love! πŸ˜€

    2. Oooh yes, what’s in a name indeed. Some of the reasons enumerated in this article are why I kept my maiden name for work and didn’t adopt my husband’s.

    3. Im actually surprised to see the salaries of the mid- and junior-level fashion folks, because I thought they’d be a tad higher so they could afford the designer stuff- but then again, you’re right, they probably get all that swag for free, or on major discount, so that takes care of that.

    • save. spend. splurge.

      Swag really helps with income. As a consultant it is incredible how much I save when the company pays.

      As for maiden names, I am finding our generation more prone to keeping our names !!

  • Anonymous

    Articles on women facing harassment in tech is why some women don’t go into tech. I have known women that have told me they find IT boring after taking a few coding classes. Another thing is that I think in developed countries women go into IT because there aren’t many options available to them.

    In a way I do kind of wonder if women in the first world don’t go into IT because economies in the first world are much more free and allow women to be more mobile than societies in the developed world. I’ve read stats where women who go into IT, leave IT in their mid-career (about 10 years) .

    Many women also prefer social jobs and in IT you get to work in a team but you also have to do a lot of work by yourself. Many women don’t enjoy the technical aspect and the work by yourself aspect. I’m seeing this trend of boot camps, and encouraging women to go into IT but for some reason I don’t think this will last.

    I think you have to have a certain mindset to go into IT man or woman: You have to know how to think logically, have an analytic mind, have to be comfortable with learning technology as it moves at the speed of light these days, have to be comfortable working by yourself as you think and solve problems for hours, and I do think you have to have an above average intelligence.

    Not necessarily be a genius but have above average intelligence. I just don’t believe most people have these tendencies, its not about sex, its kind of like being an Olympian, you have to have the ability to persevere and practice and most people don’t want to sacrifice to become Olympians.

    And wow about Kathrine Switzer, just googled her, her bf had to push that guy aside so she could finish. But then that same guy who attempted to remove her, in 1972 he was part of the decision to allow women in the marathon. Yes I know she entered illegally but isn’t the marathon run on public property? So it doesn’t make sense that they would try to remove her because she’s on public property anyway.

    But why don’t you talk on your blog about how men were hurt by women throughout history too and make the blog more humanitarian? I could give you list of examples of how *some* women throughout history have been terrible to men just as much as some men throughout history have been terrible to women.

    As a woman I have been disappointed by feminism and now consider myself a secular humanist. I think secular humanism is more fair and divides the sexes less than feminism and I don’t care for the men’s right movement either, as they tend to be as one sided as the feminists movement is too.

    I’m not in favor of a 3 day weekend and working longer. The weekend is much too short but this is what I call a first world problem. I don’t believe 3 day weekends should be a mandatory thing. I actually think workers should choose their schedules and pick what they like. Like at my job you can work 4 days for 10 hours and get 3 days off in a row. A lot of people at work chose that option, I did not.

    I am not sure if CEO’s get paid too much because they have hard jobs. A lot of them tend to get fired for not boosting profits, improving organization, pleasing shareholders, the board of directors and the customers.

    If you read the New York Times or another liberal newspaper, you hear pretty much almost every month about how this CEO got fired or forced to resign. I’m happy for Sofia Vergara, while I don’t watch her show, I’m happy to see Latin Americans get ahead, its nice to see them in roles other than as domestic servants.

    • save. spend. splurge.

      All amazing points as usual!!

      I will think about examples of men hurt by women on the blog. Equality for all, not just women against the world as you have said.

      As for IT work, it is very much a team effort but it is a different kind of team….. But More individualistic in the sense that you have to prove you can code on your own and you can’t hide behind someone else…

      • Anonymous

        @save. spend. splurge.:

        A family was turned away at the Salvation Army Shelter because they had a teen boy.

        This stuff makes me sick because everyone has feelings…anyway I’ll stop going on and on about it for now I don’t want to become the pc police, lol.


        • nicoleandmaggie

          Looks like you’ve got an MRA commenter. “But what about the mens?” (Google it.)

        • save. spend. splurge.

          This is great, thanks for bringing it up

            • Anonymous


              I just think that things should be fair that is all πŸ˜‰

            • Anonymous


              I’m not an MRA. I find MRA to be just as bad as feminism.

              1. I’m a woman and

              2. I’m a secular humanist. I believe in fighting for the rights of all humanity and even animals. I don’t care about gender. It’s about doing the right thing and treating people as fairly as people.

              3. Everyone at some point in history has been oppressed and its not about men vs. women, and that comic is offensive to me as a woman who has known good and bad men throughout my life.

              I honestly think that identity politics are destroying this country which is sad and that’s why I found Emma Watson’s speech about feminism to be moving. She advocates for what I believe feminism originally was.

              I found feminism to be about male bashing and male privilege. So I searched for something else that I could believe in, to me that is secular humanism.

              I post anonymously because I have to, I work in a very conservative industry.

              • save. spend. splurge.

                I’d agree with your views. Equality for both, although women do seem to be more oppressed, Emma’a speech hit home.

                As a working mother, I find the bias against me to be pretty strong versus a guy in my position. I’ve been asked to stay late and have refused, which looks badly upon me.

                • Lila

                  @save. spend. splurge.:

                  Good for you for refusing, imo if you get a college degree and are an educated professional you shouldn’t have to stay late or work weekends or any ungodly hours no matter what sex you are.

                  I don’t think one sex has it better/worse. I think men and women have it better/worse in different things.

                  I think modern feminism taught me that women are victims, one example they give is that men were able to vote sooner….

                  However if you go back enough, in U.S. history you find out that men had to own land to vote and poor men couldn’t vote at all.

                  I don’t know how it was in Canada.

                  However sometimes I find U.S. history depressing for example, the founding fathers of the U.S. believed in equality and freedom for all at least on paper and yet a huge chunk of these founding fathers owned slaves…

                  A lot of unfairness was due to class because they didn’t care if the African slaves were men or women.

                  They just saw a race of people and because in England slavery was accepted, it was a tradition carried to the U.S.

                  And no I’m not African-American. I’m just giving an example from history.

                  Also I was watching this doc called “Miss Representation” omg I hated that doc, very sexist and Lisa Ling said at one point towards the end of the documentary, that women need to help other women because men won’t help women in society and men don’t care to.

                  Right then and there I quit being her fan. If men didn’t care about women then why did men approve for women to have the right to vote, have equal rights in the workplace, etc.

                  Many men care about their wives, daughters, sons, and extended female relatives. Also having worked in the workplace, I’ve come across some really bad female bosses so not all women are out to help women just as not all men are bad men.

                  Quite frankly much of history was difficult for humanity because of our human condition.

                  I’m not saying we’re born sinful as some religious folks believe, I’m saying it in the secular term, that life was hard for majority of history, and everyone throughout time was trying to make the best of the times they lived in.

                  And many people have philosophized what this mystery of life is. Even now we still don’t know.

                  I’m thankful that I was born in the time I was born in and I didn’t have to struggle for survival like my ancestors did.

                  I have first world problems, and my ancestors had real survival problems.

                  I’m also thankful that I can live in a society that allows women to do pretty much whatever they desire.

                  Anyway thanks for hearing me out and hearing me blab. lol πŸ˜‰

                  • save. spend. splurge.

                    Hey I agree with pretty much everything you are saying. I do think that men have it better on the whole than women but specifically, white men…. Just as black women seem to have the worst end of the stick.

                    It is hard to say but I’m happy to report that if we at least teach our children the proper way to treat others we shouldn’t have issues in the long term

  • Cassie

    I wonder if those quick tips are slippery or not? I’m picturing them being made out of a harder plastic so they don’t break down too quickly

  • marilyn

    Loved reading about the way the very rich fly.must be lovely to be pampered like that!also the meanings and origins were very interesting..another interesting blog article.thanks.

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