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A quick history lesson on incomes relative to the cost of housing in Toronto.

In 1936 there was a depression. […] it took 5.4 times annual income to buy – which by all measures was extremely unaffordable. 


In 1966 the average income for men was $5,483 and for women $3,016.

So a working couple making $8,499 was considered middle class and could buy a house priced at $22,500 with just 2.6 times annual income. 


Thirty years later, in 1996, male incomes averaged $32,588 and for women it was $21,735.

So with two incomes a couple pulled in $54,323, which made it fairly easy to buy a house costing $199,856. The multiple then sat at a reasonable 3.6 times family earnings.


Today the typical Toronto family brings home $98,116, while average house prices in the Toronto area have soared to $538,530 […]

But compared to incomes, real estate is just as unaffordable as it was in 1936 – at 5.5 times household income.


This bag is so beautiful and ridiculously expensive to justify its beauty.

Naturally, I can’t stop thinking about it.



Speaking of expensive bags, Chanel bags have increased like crazy in the past decade to keep its exclusivity, but thinking that they’re “investments” is just sheer ridiculousness, so reading this made me shake my head.

[..] Eva Chen discussed the rising cost of Chanel purses 


When asked if buying a bag was actually a wise investment, she said, “I mean, I hope it’s an investment because my whole closet is full of them. That is my sole portfolio right now.”

(Thanks.. or NO THANKS to Charlotte for the original link to the store!!)


Speaking of more stuff I think is cool and I want, this silk scarf is oh soooo pretty… and only $40. And maybe this coat too, but it’s probably of low quality and made in China.



I laughed so hard at these videos, I turned red.

Not just Asian moms I think, it may be all mothers for a lot of these things (although maybe not the Tiger Balm and chicken feet soup thing)…

Thanks to AP for the videos


What’s the most popular shopping item in your state?

Obviously, California is my kind of state!


This microbe might stop food allergies, how awesome would that be?


Isao Machii will blow your mind.


That story about earning enough money to pay for a horse is just.. remarkable. What tenacity!!!

Oh and the article is more about kids and earning money just in case you were wondering.


Doubling up on food stamps to get people to eat more fruits and vegetables could be the answer nationwide to obesity and hunger.


I liked and agreed with a lot of points in these style confessions from Adina.

Every time I buy something new, I feel guilty for perpetuating the retail cycle. Even if I buy “good” items, it’s still a new item.



How much does it cost to raise a child by age and income?



Speaking of children, this is UNBELIEVABLE. A MILLION DOLLAR BILL just to give birth to a premature baby, and what’s even more incredible is Blue Cross refusing to cover it.

INCREDIBLE. I am never, EVER buying travel insurance from Blue Cross. I bought it once but apparently “pre-existing conditions” can void all of that, even though they have nothing to do with what happened.

I’d sue. I’d sue and raise hell.


There are many good people in the world. Lots of them. He’s one.


The last true hermit. An interesting read although I would call him a modern hermit because he used deodorant and stole modern food as well as furniture.


Money can buy you happiness. You can actually calculate it.

But $250,000 depending on where you live and how you see it, $250K may not be considered “rich” for a lot of people.


Hospital food around the world — sign me up for Japan, PLEASE!

But you can keep Poland’s food away from me..



This Ikea commercial is genius. GENIUS.


I laughed so hard at this article. Sending your kids back to school in the 70s versus today.



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