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The only thing you need to truly consider to make a decision

Sometimes you’re caught between a bunch of options.

Do I stay with this person who is comfortable but not who I thought I’d be with, yet has many wonderful redeeming qualities?

Do I take this leap and try out my new business or stay in my dependable job that pays the bills but leaves me wanting more?

Do I want the pork Cubano sandwich or should I take the fried chicken one?

The only thing really, is to say to yourself:

If it isn’t a CLEAR YES, then it is a NO.

I have actually used this for minor and huge decisions, to great success because it forces me to say — yeah that’s right, those are LITTLE flaws but that doesn’t mean I need to settle!

For instance, I was looking at a simple white shirt the other day. I saw the cut, the quality and everything and I was 75% about to buy it.

Instead, I stopped and asked if it was a clear YES for me.

Turns out, it wasn’t.

It was too boxy for my kind of aesthetic and I’d feel like my upper half was bigger than it already is with my broader shoulders.

I’ve also used it for bigger decisions such as whether to take a certain contract or not.

If it wasn’t a clear YES (I’d have to travel, go on-site often, etc), then it was a clear NO and I could wait at home for something better to come along.

The main point of this question is to cut through the noise in your head trying to justify and say things like — “But you’ve already eaten the pork Cubano sandwich EVERY TIME you have come to this food truck, don’t you want to try something new and maybe find another fave sandwich?

So if it isn’t a clear Yes, it is a No.

No I absolutely love this pork sandwich and I’ll eat it 100 times more until I’m truly sick of it!

What do you use to help yourself decide?

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  • Susan Tan

    Love this advice!! It is a good framework for making small to big decisions.

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