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What is your process getting dressed in the morning?

I pick one piece I really want to wear, and build an outfit around it.

Let’s say I am going to the playground and I know I need to wear pants that will get dirty. I pick out a pair that I don’t mind getting ruined, and then I find a top and all the other accompaniments to match.

Now let’s say I am going to work. I haven’t worn this amazing high-waisted navy wrap skirt in a while and I really want to, plus show off a belt I have been dying to pair with this skirt, so I pick those two items out and find complementary pieces.

That’s how this came about:

Then let’s say I REALLY wanted to wear this pinstriped, gorgeous cotton bustier with this particular blazer to mix menswear with feminine details.

Et voilà!

Then I really wanted to pair this blazer with this necklace of mine and showcase it, so this outfit materialized.

(Plus I was dying to wear my neutral shoes)


I really REALLY wanted to wear my cord zip pants, but to channel a French fisherman, so this is what happened:


I had this idea to wear my bright DIY silk magenta shell that I cut the bottom off to give my casual, flowy tank top some style, and then the rest followed.


The entire series can be found here: Women in Clothes Style & Fashion Survey


  • Anne

    I check the calender (meetings/presentations?) and the weather and think of the colours I feel like wearing, then choose dress, cardigan and scarf accordingly. In the summertime, I also have several options for the colour of footwear (during other seasons, I only wear black shoes).

  • SarahN

    Hmm I am more.. mercenary…

    I put ‘clean’ and recently ironed items far left, and try to pick the top from the right… just for variety. This is button up long sleeved tops for work.

    None work, I try to think what I miss wearing or ‘can’t’ justify wearing to work, and pick that…

  • Jennifer Snuffleupagus

    Good to make those coordinates work in multiple ways to keep that minimalist wardrobe going
    Living sustainably on $100/week in NYC

  • Tania

    I don’t have as many clothes now and go to work most days so no real process. Most of my wardrobe is similar too (think Yamamoto inspired art teacher in Dansko clogs). I do think about my calendar that day, what type of meetings and where. Also if it is hot and humid or if there is a breeze (Hawaii can vary based on whether or not we have “Kona Winds”). My office is fairly cold but meetings in other people’s office means I’ll be warmer and need to be able to remove layers. I tend to grab a bag or jewelry and wear the same pieces every day (usually a week) until I get bored and then change to something else. I also don’t wear flats more than one day in a row for or else I’ll get foot pain due to the lack of arch support. So I do think about what shoes I’d like to wear.

    Love love the navy skirt outfit with the obi! One of your best looks IMHO.

    • Sherry of Save. Spend. Splurge.

      I sometimes fall into a rut of the same ootd all the time because I just love the look. I can see myself in a uniform but I don’t want to, it is just too boring. I love the look myself if I could fit back into the skirt LOL

  • raluca

    During the week my process is quite streamlined – I have a choice of 2 pants, 4 tops/T-shirts and 1 to 3 pair of shoes. The pants and tops change with the weather – and with the washing cycle :).

    During the weekend I’m actually changing clothes up to 4-5 times a day, depending on activity: hiking with dogs, running errands, visiting with friends, gardening, or just lounging on the patio with the husband and pets. Not going to lie, it’s still mostly pants and T-shirts, but *different* pants and T-shirts.

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