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In the world of Save. Spend. Splurge.: Where the first humans in North America may not have been homo sapiens

What people really spend on engagement rings by state. The most popular seems to be Round with Oval on the rise… oh and New Yorkers are paying $11,692 on average for a ring with Montana coming at the bottom at $5,568, the equivalent of about 2.2 months of salary on a rock. All these amounts are cray-cray to me.

Just buy this stunning ring instead, and call it a day. No one will ever really know or find out unless they’re experts, and how many jewellery experts do you really know in your circle? 😉 I also like this vintage looking one, in the trendy oval shape.

This is how you negotiate your salary, particularly your first job. I also wrote on how not to screw up a negotiation and when I got a job, this is how I got a $30,000 bump in a job offer from negotiating like a boss. Your first job’s salary is super important, it is the base from which all your bonuses are based on. Don’t let that opportunity for an extra $5K, $10K, $30K or more, slip by.

Want this shower curtain. WANT.

The first humans in North America may not have been homo sapiens, the latest Canadian discovery has shed a whole new light on this.

I can’t seem to get away from concrete + copper as a winning combination for the home. This jewellery box is so…. industrially pretty..

Nordstrom is one of the reasons why I miss living in the U.S…. The shopping is incredible. Here are the secrets behind the store like how to get free dry cleaning or alterations.

A clock with a hidden compartment for valuables? SHUT UP AND TAKE MY MONEY.

This is still one of the most comfortable pairs of sandals I own. I’m pleased I bought them. The brand has way more styles though, and they are quite affordable (under $50 in many cases). I’m eying this pointed, woven pair.

Do people call you a Millennial? Turns out there are Old and New Millennials, and I am in the Old category (obviously). I didn’t get a cellphone until I was 19, I lived without one for years, and I still don’t even have one to myself (it’s our home phone, shared with my partner). I do social media a lot, but only for blogging purposes and in my personal life I am firmly off the grid.

This floral watch is actually way out of my comfort zone, which is why I am so drawn to it. I’m also a sucker for pretty pansies.

Vir Das is just hilarious, another up and coming comedian who recently appeared on Conan O’Brien.

Speaking of florals, this is still the prettiest midnight orchid floral in my wardrobe. It also came in an A-Line skirt if you’re so inclined to pick it up for yourself.

I already knew that mothers are kryptonite and magnet to their children all at once. Baby Bun acts out more with me than with anyone else, crying whining, etc, and I have to scold him to get his attention, and yet.. like a moth to a flame he cannot leave me alone. It’s because he is the most comfortable to be himself with me.

I have used the this affordable natural glow lotion to great results to quicken my tan for the summer without actually tanning. It also doesn’t stain your hands if you follow the directions.

I for one am super pleased that fathers are taking paternity leave. More fathers should do this, and for longer periods of time when possible. We get 5 weeks in Canada and I know guys who don’t take them at all. (I do scold them.)… It it tough on the mother to do it all alone, but it is also a chance for the father to bond early on and be in the trenches to understand what it’s like.

My camera is about to bite the dust (it is making the saddest whirring noises), and if it dies, I won’t replace it until I get a job. When I DO get some work, it’ll be replaced immediately with this upgraded version of my camera.


  • minh

    I have used the this affordable natural glow lotion to great results to quicken my tan for the summer without actually tanning. It also doesn’t stain your hands if you follow the directions.

  • Quest

    Those Blowfish sandals are just what I was looking for. Ordered a pair, they arrived today …. they are SO comfy. Thank you for sharing the recommendation! You have great style 🙂

  • SarahN

    I was like ‘will I click the clock link’ but yes, also, take my money! Pretty! Speaking of things I wanna buy: a desk, a wooden dining table (my stainless steel one is cold, and too small and also perfectly fine); a silver cleaning cloth, a white button up top. I just wanna share with a known shopper!

    ON paternity leave – I have all men reporting to me. I LOVE that they take any leave (usually the week). THey take school holidays too. But I also like that as a woman, I think they tell me more (maybe). One couple has a miscarriage, and today, I remembered to ask after them – cause that pain doesn’t disappear. I hope he appreciated that I care, cause I REALLY DO.

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