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How not to screw up a negotiation

It’s pretty easy to talk about, much harder to execute in real life.

Here are my tips:

  1. Just negotiate — Not trying at all is THE biggest mistake
  2. Prepare as much as you can — Read up on the company, the job, the salary
  3. Have evidence to back up your claims — Show that you have value & are worth it
  4. Don’t focus on the numbers early on — Salary is important, but don’t make it the focus
  5. Negotiating doesn’t have to only be for salary — Try for more vacation days or 4-day workweeks
  6. Don’t flip flop — Be firm and confident; none of this wishy-washy “I don’t deserve it” attitude
  7. Don’t give more info than you need too — Hold back and be discreet
  8. Don’t lie — It can be very easy to suss out that you didn’t get that degree from that place
  9. Always look out for something more — You might be happy now, but there’s always an opportunity
  10. Don’t bully them & proceed with caution — They can fire you for being “disloyal” by asking for more


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