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Shopping on Etsy: Travel Cityscape and Skyline Jewelry (Rings, Necklaces)

It is no secret at all that I love traveling. I also love anything that has to do with travel and I’m in particular, enamoured with cityscapes like city skyline designs in jewellery like rings or necklaces.

I’m actually building a little collection from Etsy of all the cities I have been to, collected in jewellery form.

Let’s go!


I own a ring of the NYC skyline seen here, purchased from Kemi:

It is minimalist and simple, but for the same price you can find more elaborate designs if you are so inclined.

I also own the London skyline and Manhattan building outlines in a necklace forms as well from Sketchadesign:

Now! I also picked up four cities: Hong Kong, Paris, London, & NYC all at once, in different mixed metals from Shekhtwoman

Her work looks so intricate and beautiful.

You can really see the dips and curves in the city skylines in these videos of her ring:

…and I found a lot more alternatives for city scape rings and necklaces at various price points here on Etsy, and here are my favourites:

This Sharlene Evans skyline ring with mix and match backgrounds of starry night, or winter wonderland is GENIUS:


..and I really like this version from Tempest Society of Paris:


ElliesButton also has a cool kind of circular NYC button skyline necklace:


What about you? Do you love cities and skylines of cities as much as I do?



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