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  • Anonymous

    Unfortunately I have worked at places that were mostly female and there are problems in female only places such as cattiness, excessive gossip and drama. I only lasted a week at such a place and it was a nursing home.

    I didn’t work as a nurse, but I came in contact with nurses and CNA’s and nursing homes are 99% full of females so that experience taught me I don’t want to work with all women. My favorite places to work at have always been co-ed. I usually ended up with a good mix of male and female work friends. I try to look for workplaces that are like this.

    I thought about going into STEM but decided against it. Everything I’ve read about STEM is nasty and ugly unless it’s a field like medicine where a lot of women and men go into med or vet training. Med/vet field seems more balanced.

    I’d have to read “The 48 laws of power” in order to survive in a STEM field.

    • save. spend. splurge.

      STEM is not completely ugly & nasty. I’d say it depends on the company & the managers running it. If it is full of misogynists, then yes you will experience that.. but then the good employees don’t ever last long there; they leave.

  • Ksenija

    I am also following Jo’s blog, and I have to say that the Netherlands is from my point of view, an extremely sad place to bring up your children. First and foremost because the health care and educational system are absolute rubbish. But hey, that is just me, as I do not consider fancy restaurants and international neighbours fascinating enough to bring quality to my family life per se.
    I quite like the Disney princess video, and sort of feel sad that girls are brought up on these romanticised cartoons that enhance the thought from early age that they are nothing in life until some random dude decides they’re worthy of him. :/

    • save. spend. splurge.

      Really! I always thought in general that that part of the world was great.. but I suppose I am wrong on that front.

      I think Japan would be a nice place to bring up your kids. I’m posting about that in a link roundup next week & they are SO independent, and the culture / society is so kind.

  • Corianne

    I really enjoyed reading what a foreigner thinks of parenthood in my own country. Though I must add, it’s slightly Amsterdam-centric. Outside of Amsterdam you dont really see the 4-seat family bikes (I have personally never seen them) and the cargo bikes only occasionally. If you live outside Amsterdam and none of your kids can cycle by themselves, you move them around in a car, or if you dont have a car, public transport. Im not sure when I learned to cycle but probably around age 4-6. And never with a helmet. I think from age 8-9 I would cycle by myself to school (I did live in a small town with only one major road to cross).

    • save. spend. splurge.

      Interesting. I would rather have a good average of what it is like there rather than one specific city & saying it applies to the entire country.

      In Canada, it is the same.. or even the U.S. each city is different.

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