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Wardrobe Statistics: What I reach for and wear the most in my closet

I’ve noticed that I sort of gravitate towards the same pieces in my wardrobe over and over again, and everything else is just to supplement my base outfit.

Here’s what I’ve seen lately:



It’s easy to add a blazer, topper, or necklace and make it more polished.

It’s the base of all my outfits, a great tank top and a super soft pair of jeans.



Very similar to above, except instead of a cotton tank top, it’s a silk shell with a structured skirt or pair of pants.

Again, it is then SO EASY to add a blazer, a shawl blazer, a cardigan or whatever and it looks fantastic.

I also particularly like wearing cropped skinny pants like these ones instead of a skirt with this combo.

What’s your uniform?

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