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How to get a Parisian Fashion Wardrobe: Parisienne Uniforms – Part VIII

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What I have noticed is that there are variations on a theme of a Parisian uniform.

I have sort of tried to group them into uniforms with style icons that for me, best exemplify each look:


Sleek and Proper

  • Simple tee (long sleeved, short, whatever), in a solid neutral or neutral stripes
  • Jeans (ripped, not ripped, boyfriend, loose, girlfriend-style)
  • Ballet flats or loafers (pointed, rounded toe, almond toed..)

Optional additions:

  • Blazer (neutral coloured, simple single lapel, double-breasted if you can pull it off)
  • Jewellery (delicate, bold, only one piece with a watch, or nothing at all and just a boyfriend watch)

Like this!

Paired with these kinds of shoes…

Or these loafers!


Effortless with an Edge

  • Oversized top (graphic band tee, oversized cashmere sweater, all neutral colours only!)
  • Trousers or Jeans (leather, baggy, ripped, peg legged, wide-legged, loose and not at all tight or sleek)
  • Loafers or heels (anything easy breezy, not too buttoned up like a prim ballet flat)

Optional additions:

  • Classic black leather moto jacket, loose and worn over the outfit
  • OR .. an oversized blazer double-breasted…

Like this!


Simply Summery

  • Summery, effortless cotton sundress or a tank top / top and skirt option
  • Gladiator sandals, low wedges or espadrilles
  • Straw handbag or a small little summery clutch

Optional additions:

  • Jean jacket or a leather jacket to wear over the summery ensemble
  • Straw fedora or summer hat

Like this!


I know she isn’t French, but her style is SO very much this style for me with fitted dresses, and a kind of preppy conservativeness.

  • Fitted sheath dress or some sort of form-fitting yet covered outfit like a tucked in button-up shirt into a pencil skirt
  • High heels
  • Ladylike bag of some sort
  • Zero jewellery, except for maybe a simple watch
  • Blood red lips

Like this!

These are all outfits I’d wear in a heartbeat.

What say you?


  • Jodie Bierbrauer

    I love all these looks but at the moment:

    1. It’s sooo cold here and

    2. Most of my days involve me wearing a work uniform. Granted, I own the business and it’s my decision to wear what I do (polo or button up under fitted jacket with jeans) but my days are unpredictable. Most are in the office but some are out on job sites.

    So I dress more like this when the weather cooperates and outside of work.

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