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In the world of Save. Spend. Splurge: Organize your closet like a designer

Organize your closet like a costume designer. I am currently toying with the idea of putting all my seasonal wear in one area of my closet, and the stuff I actually wear in another. Some things are JUST summer-only, the others are WINTER-only… I wish I had another room completely to move these things out and to create capsules each season.

You NEED this hanging organizer if you are into earrings. .

Dying your hair without damage to it? I am interested. Sign me up after this has gone through trials..

If you like lingerie, but don’t love the super expensive prices of REAL lingerie like La Perla, or Agent Provocateur, I would like to present the brand: Eberjey.

Their stuff is like the low priced version of very expensive, high-end lingerie and my go-to for all things cute. I love this high-waisted black lace panty, and this lace bralette is .. so… pretty…  However if you are big busted, I would offer up the brand Cosabella instead. Their bralettes are surprisingly supportive.

Want to keep your fridge organized? This is how you do it. If you want some real-life inspiration of how to keep your fridge super clean, you can check out my posts on how to get a minimalist fridge.

This looks so boring and simple, but this draped minimalist black dress would just hug and create curves on my body… and accentuate gorgeous curves on curvy bodies… and it comes in white and in this taupe stone as well.

You know I’m obsessed with Money Diaries, but reading the comments is also interesting (although a bit painful at times)…

I am eying straw totes and OF COURSE I find and want the most expensive one that looks like an Hermès bag….

Lots and lots and LOTS Of reading if you’re bored — How Other People Shop. This is right up my alley and I am obsessed with reading the entire list.

I love this simple, minimalist constellation rectangle necklace.

And P.S. Thanks for the Link Love, Rogue Dad MD!


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