Save. Spend. Splurge.

In the world of Save. Spend. Splurge.: “Help! I have a shopping addiction”


I really found this article useful, to re-examine my own behaviours regarding shopping. I do not think I have a problem, based on the fact that I do budget and check everything, and I would never ever go into debt to buy anything. I save more than I spend, 100% and I have a right to enjoy my money after my savings.


I have been scrubbing my grout lines for.. a long time. My arms hurt. And now I am giving up and buying this grout pen to paint them white again because I cannot take it any longer..


You don’t have it. You’re just overworked. All mothers go through this emotional labour of remembering everything, organizing it all, and trying to work full-time jobs and run their own lives. It isn’t “mom brain”, it’s that maybe your family and your partner (if you have one), is simply not stepping up.


I have been looking for a simple, not crazy expensive straw tote for a LONG while. It also has to look nice, and I may have found the perfect summer version for around $100. It has a flap to keep it closed, and it looks very elegant. Perfect with summer dresses.


I found this article on the amazing fates of the most famous dresses in Hollywood, like Marilyn Monroe’s white dress that flew up at the grate, or Dorothy’s blue and white checkered dress in The Wizard of Oz, really interesting to read about. One of the 10 dresses Judy Garland wore, was found stuffed in a shoebox!!


I watched the documentary on Billie Eilish – The World’s a Little Blurry – and just as she was on the cusp of being famous (it was just after her Ocean Eyes song), and it was so interesting because I found out she was homeschooled and graduated early! Anyway, her entire body of work is excellent. They have a real gift, the Eilish siblings.


He deserves his own title because everything Rajiv Surendra’s life, is interesting. Even from watching him make his bed or wrap a gift, he has a real panache and style in talking to you, but also inserting tidbits about history and life into everything he does. If you think you cannot stand watching videos on bed making then just start with him explaining his NYC apartment and everything in it.

He needs his own show, truly.


If you don’t want a clothing steamer to spit hot water at you, this Kexi one is the only one that does not do that. The only other one better, is a professional steamer that sits on a rack and has a huge water reservoir at the bottom and by that I mean this Jiffy steamer which I am 100% going to buy one day if we ever get the space for it.

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