Save. Spend. Splurge.

What do you think about during your time off?

Whatever it is you find your brain churning over, it is your passion.

By passion, I mean it is something that you should consider doing as a job or a career.

Now your passion might actually suck because it’s playing video games, sitting around on the couch watching TV or something that you basically can’t get paid for.

(Actually I take that back. I myself made money playing video games, but it wasn’t enough considering the time I put into it, however I know there are a rare few individuals out there in the world who play video games professionally as a full-time job.)

Otherwise, if you’re dreaming of writing for a living, or starting a business for vitamin supplements, then maybe you should take some time to formulate a business plan and a strategy and make it happen.

Whatever it is that your brain drifts to when you have idle or down time, it is an interest you should seriously consider harnessing.

For me, when I am on a contract and working, my brain doesn’t shut off about my job. I don’t think about anything but the project.

I am constantly thinking about what I have to get done next. Sometimes, I think about a problem going on at work, go to sleep, wake up and then I’m hit by a lightning bolt of inspiration on how to solve it.

Those are the best mornings for me.

When I am not on contract and in between projects, I think about blogging on here.

Specifically, I think about money and how it affects our spending.

As an example, my brain sees a show where people stress out about planning their perfect wedding day, and then I am eagerly looking forward to their spending, the numbers, their budget and so on.

From there, I sometimes let those numbers wash over me, and then come up with a theory or a conclusion which I immediately turn into a blog post (if it’s remotely interesting).

Or I read books, articles, have discussions, and get ideas about what to blog about.

Whatever it is, wherever I am, I am either thinking about working on current project, or blogging on Save. Spend. Splurge. when my brain has downtime.

Then when I am not doing any of the two above, I’m shopping.

Just kidding….!

Sort of.



  • Suraya

    I can relate! I think about budgeting all the time – I think I’m used to seeing things from cost/numbers/value POV.

    In Malaysia we don’t have a lot of PF websites, so I recently made my own, but sometimes it just feels like I’m talking to thin air haha.. ^_^;;

  • Sarahn

    Like you, work when it’s work (Google Kurnell tornado!)

    Otherwise waste!! Thankfully I’ve got involved with this semi professionally or at least for my whole depot. So there’s that. And cleaning/tidying. I walk and think “why don’t People do simple Things to keep their home looking smart?

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