Save. Spend. Splurge.

The one question that has helped me stop shopping wildly.

My latest trick which has worked surprisingly well, is to take something I desperately want, totally out of my price range (or something I am saving up for or have on my peripheral but can’t be sure about), and say:

Do I want THIS item? .. Or that?

Which one do I want more?

It not only forces me to make a choice between items (can’t have everything, regardless of what my Instagram says), but it also makes me think: Oh. No. I don’t want THIS item as badly as I want let’s say.. another classic Burberry trench coat in a gorgeous khaki deep green. 😉

I have eliminated at least 4 items since implementing this question as part of my repertoire aside from the usual:

Do I really want this?

Would I wear it?

Does it fill a gap in my wardrobe?

Do I already have another piece I can use instead?

It has worked the most effectively out of all my other decluttering, shopping avoidance strategies.

Give it a shot and report back.


  • Anne

    That’s my method too. When I had difficulties choosing between three clutches in an outlet, I made them duel for my favour and bought the winner of the finals 🙂 Works with items in the shop vs items in my closet as well. I only buy if the item in the shop wins.

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