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Ask Sherry: How do I stop high heel pain?

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Do you do anything to alleviate the physical toll of wearing high heels? If so, what? (Thanks for keep up your awesome blog – really enjoy reading all of it! 🙂 )

<3 Thank you for loving the blog :-)!

As for high heel pain, it’s pretty simple. I stop wearing them / take a break.

When I know I will be on my feet A LOT and unless I have no choice, I do not opt for stiletto heels of any height.

If I can get away with it, I wear stiletto heeled BOOTs which give you far more security in the ankle and leg and you can walk and stand a lot more often / longer in them.

All other times, a chunky heeled boot like this pair:

… is a pretty high heel of about 3.5″ (my maximum comfortable heel height for the arch of my foot — some people have a lower toleranace, others higher), but is SUPER walkable and comfortable for entire workdays on end because the heel is chunky and sturdy, and the boot is a boot which “clings” to your foot.

Other great options are sandals with a chunky heel like this pair:

Which look like this on a foot:

Stilettos are much harder to be comfortable in, but I find the ones with lots of straps to “hold” your foot make your feet work a lot less on having to balance in them, and they end up hurting a lot less as well..

These heeled sandals were strappy and pretty comfortable. I wouldn’t walk 5 metro stops in them, but I could do a workday or errands for a weekend.

If you are willing to spend the $$ and go through the pain, I know women who go to clinics to inject their feet with silicone (? I think it’s silicone if I remember correctly …) to give their feet more cushioning and/or stop the pain completely.

Really though, high heels 24/7 is a terrible idea. Your feet and your toes are all crooked and permanently scarred / disjointed for life.

I subscribe to the one day on, one day off rule.

One day I am in heels, the next I am not. Or I can wear these heeled boots constantly, but I always make sure to give my feet a break and switch to flats if I plan on walking a lot, to give my feet a break and to not have them permanently, hideously disfigured.

In higher, stiletto heels, I also tend to take cabs more, or at least am less inclined to walk. I’d rather know that I will be sitting all day instead. LOL…

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