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Ask Sherry: Contact lenses and why I am not into designer bags

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How long did it take you to get used to contacts? I tried them once, and hated them.

Less than a week. It was tricky for me to learn how to get them in (tip: open your eyes wide. Make sure the inside is wet with a little eyedrop something or another and then tap it lightly against your eyeball and blink).

Some people are really sensitive to them. I’ve found that on occasion my eyes are too dry or I feel like I can’t handle them, but it is this or laser surgery.

I simply cannot and will not go back to wearing glasses again. My perspective is all thrown off (contacts feel like your own eyes..) and the digging up in winter? No thanks. Plus I look cuter without glasses for now LOL

How come you’re not into crazy designer bags?

I suspect it is because I don’t see the point of having a $2000 bag when it doesn’t feel like a $2000 bag on my body. I mean, a $2000 coat, sure. I can FEEL that is is luxurious, soft, makes me feel great but a bag is just a bag.

Sure it’s cute. But it’s a bag.

It’s not to say I don’t like the look of designer bags. I mean, I am currently really loving the look of this Senreves Maestra Tote:

…but ultimately, unless it is $500 or under, I won’t own one.

As I understood it, the point of a designer purse is to own and subtly show that you have a designer purse which usually means it is very distinctive or covered in logos.

For me, it is a bag and I don’t really need it to be fancy for it to look good. I have always had a preference for items made by independent designers and some of them on Etsy are just as stunning as designer stuff.

I also don’t like logos anywhere so if I buy a super expensive purse just to show off with the logo to show how expensive it was.. well. That is just silly.

I’d rather buy a nice independently made bag even if it costs as much as a designer one, that I really like for the compartments, size, leather quality, etc.

The bags I do want to carry, have to be practical, but interesting and even better — UNIQUE! Something vintage stirs my heart strings more than something anyone with a wad of bills can go into a store and buy.

I also like variety! I can’t necessarily have a huge range of expensive purses to throw whatever I want into them and just go. For the price if one bag, I could buy 6 other independently-made, interesting bags.

That is not to say I WON’T buy or own a designer bag, so long as it is in my price point of under $500. I have secondhand designer (vintage) pieces from Gucci for instance that are so sleek and timeless you can’t even tell it is Gucci. It looks good, and the label was just a side bonus.

My only super versatile designer bag is by Longchamp — my Neo Pliage which I use constantly and am very happy with.

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  • Susan

    Designer bags with or without logos are hyper-inflated and over-hyped in terms of prices. The cost of a bag is like 10x the cost of materials which is a great profit margin for the Chanel, Dior, Guccis of the world. I don’t buy any designer bags either but I do like watching other people unbox designer handbags on YouTube for entertainment and review the bags. I’d love to see a new post on cool independent bags that you’ve found; I especially like designers that hand-make the bags themselves.

  • GYM

    I saw an 80+ year old lady with a Longchamp bag the other day and I thought “I hope I look as elegant as her when I turn 80!” I think the Longchamp bag adds a touch of elegance very easily.

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