Save. Spend. Splurge.

In the world of Save. Spend. Splurge.: How to get perfect roasted chicken

Crisp up a wonderful chicken by using your hairdryer. For real!… but if it crisps up a chicken, doesn’t it mean that the hairdryer just ruins your hair then!?!?!

I would be the first to try these great heels on if they are on sale near you — caged suede heels are some of the most comfortable high heels to wear because they hug your foot and are soft…

I liked reading this very honest account of a maiko, a geisha in training… I think it is a dying culture and not at all what people think – geishas are not prostitutes, as far as I can ascertain. They’re a throwback to olden times and entertainers.

This leather clutch from Etsy that is a wristlet is gorgeous and very stylish…

I must not have been raised as a typical girl because when I get a compliment today, I thank them. Instead, most women rebuff all the compliments they received.

As of late, I have been really into dainty, layered necklaces. These look like they fit the bill

New York City, in 1910 versus now. I love these Slide & Peek sort of pictures…

This handmade linen top looks loose, airy, and so effortlessly chic.

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