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Ask Sherry: What would you buy if you spent 85% of your monthly income?

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I would love to see what you would (hypothetically) choose to spend 85% of your salary on one month!!

Okay.. so I make about $22,000 a month (on average), and 85% of that is $18,700

Let’s assume $4000 is already spent on living expenses and nonsense.

That leaves me with $14,700.

I am also assuming I can only spend it on myself, not on my partner or Little Bun, and cannot save it, or do anything practical with it which is as follows:

NYC Trip – 7 days $1,700.00 Flight and hotel, not business class or fancy because I’m still going to be frugal
NYC Food $3,000.00 Best restaurants and reservations possible, I’m talking $300 USD a person
NYC Shopping $4,000.00 I can easily spend this in NYC by myself with just a few shops O_o
Shopping Wish List $2,000.00 That Sentaler Coat
Shopping Wish List $1,000.00 Shopping Spree at Aritzia, COS and Massimo Dutti – they do sell very beautiful but $$$$ basics and sweaters
Shopping Wish List $1,000.00 Hit up consignment shops
Eating Out Daily $2,000.00 No more cooking, food, I just eat in restaurants, all of them in Montreal, daily


Basically nothing has changed.

Shopping, and Food. A side trip to my favourite city to visit (not to live in), and we’re golden.

If you want more wishful spending, Revanche (my v. good friend) talks about how she would spend millions.

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