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Ask Sherry: What’s the longest I’ve gone without shopping?

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What’s the longest you’ve gone without buying anything?

8 months. I was seriously in debt, focused on paying it off near the end and penny pincher. Bought zero. Stapled my pants together, sold what I could…

This would not happen today though. The longest..? Maybe a month? I haven’t kept track. Maybe I should, out of curiousity.

I really hate telling myself these things, or going on stupid shopping bans. It just makes me want to shop even more.

I need another motivation and this pending stock market crash is proving FAR MORE EFFECTIVE in stopping my shopping bug because I’m eager to stockpile cash to unload onto the market when it goes down to snatch up stocks for cheap.

Another motivation is if I had debt or a mortgage to pay off…. but I am not about to buy a second place to feel a pinch.

Do you have a special mug for your tea? (I do. It makes all the difference in my tea experience!)

Not a special mug but A nice mug. A good mug does make a difference.

I have always wanted to have a collection of tea mugs, you know, like cute foxes, bears, maybe stuff with initials on it or other cute sayings… but I have always ALWAYS refrained from this because it would clutter up the kitchen (I don’t drink that much tea that I need multiple mugs), and I have never found a mug that I said: I MUST DRINK OUT OF THIS.

I mean I love mugs like this, pretty gold dots on a Sparrow & Wren $15 mug:

… but it isn’t special enough for me to want to buy it and keep it and drink out of it forever, and ever….

Still, I appreciate, wistfully, while window shopping how if I had lots of space, I’d collect tea mugs (up to 7) and drink out of different ones daily.

Okay I am lying.

I’d probably have 31 mugs for every day in the month, knowing if I let myself get out of control I would not be able to stop this mug buying spree…

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