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Ask Sherry: On cleaning secondhand shoes and what kind of contracting I do

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What kind of contract job do you do? Thanks!

How do you clean secondhand shoes ?

The same way you take care of all other shoes – wrote a whole post on cleaning leather and suede shoes here.

Extra notes on secondhand shoe shopping:

  1. Don’t buy shoes that are clearly filthy. There is a limit to everything, don’t buy shoes that look gross AF unless you’re really willing to gamble/take a chance to clean them WELL with a myriad of methods because it is SO WORTH IT TO YOU <— could happen!
  2. Use rubbing alcohol to swab down the inside of the shoe to disinfect and clean it.
  3. Put fresh new insoles in them – depending on what kind of shoe they are, boots and flats work well for this depending on size, fit etc. I like these Birkenstock insoles

Example: These sandals looked brand new, even though they were thrifted. Clearly they were purchased then barely or never worn. The soles were pristine, the whole shoe was not stained, it was pretty much off the rack-clean.

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