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Ask Sherry: Where do I thrift in Toronto and Montreal?

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Where do I thrift for things in Montreal and Toronto?

My very favourite online place is:

  • The Real Real (use my referral code for a $25 credit)

I wrote an original posts here:

….but some of the stores have dropped in quality and/or have gone out of business. Boo-urns!

To be frank, I thrift and buy secondhand most often ONLINE, mostly through Poshmark and eBay even as a Canadian. I will say that I am very lucky to have more than a few connections in the U.S. who are willing to help me receive and re-pack items to send them up to me when I buy online. 🙂

That said, ThredUp very recently has opened up its forum to Canadians (YAY!) and I also occasionally browse Vestiaire Collective (this is not an easy name to spell for Anglophones let me tell you), but they are more European-based.

There are some Canadian-only online thrifting places where people post items to sell, but some people have had luck on Kijiji for instance (not me, apparently my tastes are too bougie for the likes of Kijiji…)

As for online Canadian-friendly stores that sell secondhand goods that also have a physical presence, I like Haute Classics (Toronto), Mine and Yours (Vancouver) and Lab Consignment (Ontario..?).

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