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Top Designer Resale Consignment Shops in Montreal Quebec

I don’t really like vintage shopping unless it is super clean vintage that has a modern feel to it, so it is hard to find shops I will actually spend time shopping in.

I also hate shopping in stores where everything is crammed into little corners, and Winners or TJ Maxx (to give you an idea) is my nightmare.

I have found very few stores in Montreal. Really, only 2 that I’d visit.

Last update: July 1st 2019

My favourite online shopping mecca is Poshmark Canada… use code SHERRYISH for a free $15 CAD credit to shop with

I love Poshmark. I really do. My whole review on Poshmark Canada is here.

Now! Onto real things:


262 Rue Beaubien E, Montréal, QC H2S 1R6 (Map)

Near Metro Rosemont

Website: Deuxieme Edition: Luxe et seconde main


LOVE LOVE LOVE that they have a website. I never know with the other shops if it is worth a damn visit because I cannot see what they have, it isn’t on a model, there is no info.

If I see a few things I like, I may wander in to try them on and buy on the spot, otherwise I’ll just put it off until some … date.


Everything is priced VERY reasonably.

Things are from higher end mainstream brands like Club Monaco (I love that store), and are all in very good condition, great pieces, a nice wide range and very modern – perfectly curated.


Not exactly easy to visit. I mean metro-wise, yeah if you live around that area, it is very convenient, but if you don’t… womp womp, getting to Rosemont by car, even by metro can be a while. Then having to find parking? Oy vey.


Visit! Worth a visit.

I would browse their website first (FINALLY. A consignment shop with a REAL WEBSITE in Montreal that you can pre-browse before deciding if you should go in store to try on things.. omfg.. a revelation in this day and age), and see if you like anything.


353 Prince Albert Avenue, Westmount QC (Map)

Near Metro Vendôme 


Not on the main street, it’s out of the way just past a few houses and past that little Westmount garden walkway. It’s the dark green house on the corner of that street.


Everything is priced reasonably.

Things are all in good condition or like new, lots of great brands, Chanel and the like, and the clothing is modern and could be worn by anyone today without alterations (none of that designer stuff that looks outdated or old).


Hmm… It’s still pricey for designer goods, but not as pricey as if you bought it brand new in a store.

It’s a little small, but what store isn’t? And I cannot really think of a major downside because it’s just so well curated and managed. This might be my favourite consignment shop of all and I am sort of loathe to let everyone in on the secret. 😉


MUST VISIT. I wanted everything in here.


4916 Sherbrooke West Street, Westmount, QC (Map)

Near Metro Vendôme

This shop is literally up the street and around the corner from Charlotte & Gabrielle. Just a little up the ways in Westmount and it becomes a very prestigious shopping address. Only rich folk come to this part of town.


She has a dog (golden retriever) that is in the store when she is working.

If you’re allergic like I am, beware… I was kind of grossed out to be honest, because if I am paying for that amount of money for a piece of clothing, I don’t want dog hair on it, nor do I want to be sneezing and coughing while shopping.

The dog doesn’t seem to be in there the last few times I visited, but now the weird thing is there is some family feud going on between Sharyn (the owner) and her son with the granddaughter. I heard some gossip but also it just has a weird vibe now. Kind of sad, and a little awkward because they moved to a new, much smaller, cramped, darker location.

Maybe business is down.


They’re all designer brands, either well known or not.

You are NOT going to find well-known mainstream brands like Banana Republic or J. Crew here, and if you do, it’ll be the super rare piece.

Great finds, albeit expensive. I guess they have to pay the rent some how.

It’s really well kept, well laid out, done by type of clothing item and sorted into “casual, formal, day” and so on. It is the one with the most inventory and one of the best curated shops I have been to. Everything is properly stored on racks and there is SPACE to shop.


High end, but really, it is not as well curated as the others. A lot of older styles are here, stuff you couldn’t imagine wearing in real life.. some of it looks like stuff from ages ago and isn’t very stylish today.


It went to a new location for whatever reason. It is FAR MORE CRAMMED in this new location, not like in the old one where it was open and airy and full of light.

Also, there seems to be a lot of family drama happening between the owner and her son / granddaughter. I find all of that personal and political stuff kind of off putting. It isn’t necessarily their fault, but it is just … awkward.


  • Petrina

    Just to let you know that Boutique Déjà Porté closed down in April 2019 after the owner`s death.

  • Erica Brown

    Totally disagree that Sharyn Scott’s Golden Retriever brushes against the clothes! This is the most well behaved dog of any breed I’ve ever come across and I’ve never once seen him touch an item in her shop. But yes, I agree that if you are severely allergic, you will probably react in her store as there will inevitably be some dander floating around! However, this shop owner has trained her dog not to bother customers, not to go up to them unless they initiate with a gesture, and is very careful he is not a bother.

    • Sherry of Save. Spend. Splurge.

      He is very well behaved and sweet, certainly. But I beg to differ with his fur brushing up against the clothes. I was there and saw him underneath the rack of clothes near the front stairs at the time. Yes, she shooed him away afterwards but I saw what I saw. It is inevitable that a dog would be near the clothes, he can’t walk with shields around him!

      Bottom line: If she wants to appeal to all customers, she shouldn’t have pets or animals in there, well-behaved or not.

      • c

        I have to agree. Love dogs, cats even more but it’s not a place for dogs, not anymore than a food store. Their hair sheds on the clothes and for people who are allergic, for sure, can be a challenge. I’m not, but I can totally sympathize. I was in there once and a poor lady got so sick immediately she had to leave. Just saying……

        • Sherry of Save. Spend. Splurge.

          It is why I avoid going to that store, basically. It is because of the dog. Animals, no matter how sweet, should not be around food or clothing. If you work in other industries, fine, if everyone is not allergic, but you have to consider that in a shop, guests and customers are your main concern.

  • Minh

    You should change your description for Boutique Encore. I only saw high end items in the men’s section at least but I’m positive it should be the same for the women’s section. I bought a almost brand-new Lanvin white button-up shirt for only 79$. It was 50% off and the boutique has end season sale like all other shops so it’s a definitive visit in my opinion. The employee that works there was also very helpful by asking what I was looking for and getting every pieces that could fit my size.

  • Teresa!

    Will be visiting Montreal for two days only next week, & wondered if you’ve come across any other consignment thrift/stores you would recommend?

    Am hoping to check these three out 🙂

    Best wishes,

  • Morgaine

    Why didn’t you do a list like this for Toronto??? Not that I normally wear designer brands (thrifted or not) but I would still love to know where you got your great finds 🙂

  • Kathy

    I’m pretty envious of those who can shop thrift stores or consignment stores successfully. I can never find anything I like or that seems in good enough condition to bother purchasing. Perhaps I’m too much of a snob but I just don’t like wearing someone else’s rejects. Even in the more upscale shops, everything seems TOO used.

    • save. spend. splurge.

      It depends on how well curated the store is. If it isn’t well done then yes I agree some of those things shouldn’t be sold. The ones I mentioned here, sell almost like new items except for the bargain basement shop (Déj a Porté)

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