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The Ideal Style Wardrobe: 7 of your Trendy Pieces

Trends go in and out of style so it is hard to say what is in style and what is a classic piece.

Skinny jeans were a trend until I made them a classic staple for MY wardrobe but someone else might think bootcut jeans are their look.

Your wardrobe on average, should have a few trendy pieces. Mostly basics yes, but in a 50-piece wardrobe, 7 should / could be trendy items.

The bulk of your wardrobe should be mostly basics and items you wear often, but that’s BORING if you don’t have anything to change it up for you (at least in my opinion).

Here are my trendy pieces with actual pieces from my wardrobe:

Wide legged pants

They make my legs look longer, surprisingly. I don’t have hips so that was never an issue, but it feels flow-y and looks very chic especially with little pointed flats or heels sticking out.


SUPER trendy, amirite!? Wide-legged, CROPPED… sounds like all the things could go wrong with this one but it works out perfectly.

It looks like a skirt to me in some ways, which is why I think it works for me — I can imagine it being a full skirt.


ME? IN A JUMPSUIT? … Dang. I do own one, it’s retro, polka-dotted, and a sweetheart neckline that is actually even a culotte-style jumpsuit that is WIDE-LEGGED. Three trends in one.

The back is open and I think it’s a fun piece to wear as long as I don’t plan on drinking a lot. I left the buttons on the shoulder to be able to get in and out of it easily.

Distressed jeans

I feel like this might end up being a staple for me but it isn’t widely adopted by everyone so I guess it remains a ‘trend’.

My mother would be horrified wearing these jeans with purposeful holes in them, and Little Bun keeps telling me “Mommy needs to fix this!” while patting the holes and rips….

What do they know. 😛

Camel poncho

Ponchos are still along the same lines as capes for me — still borderline retro and vintage, and yet very out there.

You are NOTICED in a cape. You also have arm restriction to some extent and holding a purse over your shoulder becomes tricky.

When I wear this, guys call it my massive ‘blanket’ (what do they know, they’re men) and I just love the way it feels when I wrap it around myself, blanket or not.

One-shoulder dress/top

This is pretty trendy. It is quite sexy for me, baring one shoulder, and is far more secure than a strapless item, which I would be too nervous would fall down or something!

I love the one-shoulder look, a little dip in the trendy pond. I love the look of it on me.

Very Grecian in a way.

Long duster sweaters

These are neither sweater nor coat. What are they? NO IDEA.

That’s why they are trendy for me.

But I love this look with a wool fedora (for some reason), and it feels cosy but also elegant.

What are some of your trendy items?


  • Jamie

    I love the look and coziness of the coat sweaters but I’m 5 ft 1 so those are a no go 🙁

    The trendiest pieces in my wardrobe are open cardigans, which I feel like only became a thing fairly recently so I’m considering them a trend ;P

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