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The Ideal Style Wardrobe: 10 Basic Foundation Pieces

I say 10 but you could have up to 25 really because I love a GOOD foundation piece and I have plenty pieces I consider to be major basics.

In a wardrobe of about 50 pieces, I think the majority of that should be wardrobe pieces that are YOUR staples. I have multiples of my good staples as you can see below, except for a few pieces, and they all work in tandem to help elevate or help glue together my outfits.. like connector pieces.

Here are my top 10 pieces:

Draped sheath dress

When I don’t know what I want to wear from a lack of sleep, or if I am in a rush, I reach for one of my draped sheath dresses. Pockets, fits perfectly, drapes to give me a killer waist, and I always feel amazing in it.

The first three are Taylor dresses from MM Lafleur and the last one is Bailey44 in burgundy twist front knot peekaboo draped dress I scored on super sale and fixed the hole in the stomach area to cover it up.

AG High-Rise Farrah jeans

I actually have TWO pairs of the SAME AG Farrah High Rise Jeans in different washes and sizes. Size 25 for when I feel skinny and 27 when I don’t.

High-rise has been my saviour for my non-existent muffin top. If you have a muffin top, you need to either size up (like I have), and/or wear a higher rise.

Navy blue skinny trousers

Massimo Dutti navy skinny trousers, high-rise of course. I have them in black and white too but I wear the navy the most often.

Navy is so much more versatile than black for me, it goes with classic tops, sweaters, flats, and looks so professional at work yet pulled together. A step up from jeans, really.

V-neck cashmere sweater

I have this in grey, beige, magenta, ivory, navy blue… Whenever I want to just wear something classic, I throw this on over jeans, skinny trousers, any kind of skirt, and it looks good.

Dark grey v-neck tank top

Very versatile. This is my basic foundation piece I wear underneath blazers, even lower cut tops…

Collared White / Off-White Shirt

I have this in cotton, linen and silk. I have many iterations of it because I love white shirts. They can be knotted up at the front, sleeves rolled up, or tucked into jeans….

It just looks so crisp and fresh.

From left to right:

Light grey flannel blazer

I have two – light grey and dark grey with a tie, both from Massimo Dutti because their blazers are the only ones that fit my body perfectly with my larger shoulders.

The best all-around colour for a blazer for me, and navy blue being second. Grey is a great colour, and the fabric in flannel is casual and not too stuffed up or formal.

Camel car coat

This is a great spring / autumn coat that can be thrown on top of any outfit and looks stylish… This one is sold out from Smythe called the Reefer. I LOVE THIS COAT.

Navy blue moto leather jacket

Casual, comfortable, and not tight at all, it is so warm for me and a nice neutral instead of black. I wear it over skirts, dresses… This one is from Parker, one of my favourite leather brands. The black studded version of that is here.

What are your basics?

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