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Ask Sherry: Where can I buy what you’re posting on Instagram?

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If I like something you’ve posted on instagram, how can I find out what brand/model it is or where it is sold?

First off, thank you for following on Instagram @saverspender! <3

Second, I used to do this ShopStyle thing where I posted all my outfits on LikeToKnowIt so that people could find items to buy… but frankly, this takes a long #%(*#ing time and has given me probably $0.05 in total revenue.

It is not worth my time, and I am sorry to say that I will no longer be wasting my time on that because I am already fully triple booked time-wise…


There are 2 ways you can ask me:

1. You can always ask me with a specific link to the outfit with the Ask Sherry Form… so if you see something like this:

2. You can leave a comment on my Instagram post itself!

Why not? 🙂 I always try to respond to every non-spammy comment that has an actual question…


I hate to break it to you, but a lot of what I wear is secondhand designer garb.

For instance, the dress I have on above, is a 2004 Yves Saint Laurent, $4000 100% silk paint splatter dress that I bought secondhand, online for $100.

The belt over it, is from my Burberry Trench Coat, which unfortunately was a Limited Edition Trench that they only made that year (and it went on sale so I bought it) which is why it came with a special double leather belt (and the standard cloth khaki belt), and matching double leather belt cuffs (which I leave on the coat):

I will always try MY BEST to tell you where to find similar pieces, or general items, but honestly speaking a lot of what I own is also old / not in season.

Or.. .secondhand/thrifted and therefore hard to find as they no longer make them and you’d have to scour through secondhand sites to find them.

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