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Ask Sherry: Did my IG get hacked?

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Not a proper question, are you aware of Cefinn? I saw this and thought of you:)

That dress is GORGEOUS. And absolutely my style, colour, and everything. *adding to my brands list* 🙂 Not that I need more encouragement.

To be honest, for workwear, I am less excited these days. I have this year left more or less, working remotely. Will I work again in my 40s? Surely. Surely I will go back to the office at some point, but at this point, it seems so indeterminate and far away, that I am not really into workwear at this point in terms of *hearts in eyes*, if you know what I mean.

Did your Instagram get hacked? It says user not found. I hope that’s just an error

No I am in the process of deactivating it completely. I will only be on this blog. Read this.

How do you feel about cryptocurrency? Are you investing in that?

I have so many thoughts about cryptocurrency, I am creating a separate post for this because it’s going to be epic.

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