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Ask Sherry: What are some quality brands of clothing that will last

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Are there companies I can be confident they produce quality clothing that will last?

There are no companies or brands who are 100% perfect for quality.

You have to go piece by piece, checking to see if the product is good.

That said, there is ONE brand I always go to, and thus far has not let me down to date, which is a real feat in today’s world. Their prices are high, but worth it, and still far cheaper than the thousands-of-dollars price tag of similarly made designer dresses.

For workwear, I always come back to MM Lafleur. I own about 8 of their pieces now, and this exact Taylor Dress in multiple colours – Navy, Dark Magenta and Green.

Their workmanship thus far, has been impeccable. I recently bought their Dina dress as well and am in LOVE.

Other than that, I can only offer help by way of teaching you to look for quality, and have started a mini series called … the Shop Quality Series, where I post various ideas, styles, pieces and ways to look for quality, and why it matters in today’s world of disposable fast fashion.

What kind of contract job do you do? Thanks!

How do you clean secondhand shoes ?

How I take care of my leather and suede items – same process; if I have worn it or if someone else has.

If you want to go farther, disinfect with rubbing alcohol.

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