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Ask Sherry: My number one go-to clothing store is..

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If you could pick only one store, which shop do you find offers the best in terms of quality, comfort, and design?

If I had multiple children, it would be like asking WHO IS YOUR FAVOURITE.

This is agonizing. I had to really think about it and I am still not sure it is the right answer.

Price not taken into account, I’d say tentatively Holt Renfrew (if I couldn’t pick something like you know… Net-a-Porter)…. and the U.S. equivalent is Barney’s.

It may be cheating to pick a retail department store, but the highest end one I have here is HR, and they hold brands I really love to wear (or would kill to wear) pieces from like Max Mara, Burberry, James Perse, Ted Baker, etc…

If you think that’s a real cop-out for a major department store, then a retail STORE I’d choose is TNT Clothing is pretty awesome.

They’re an upmarket retailer as well, but more independent, and they have cooler casual brands.

If you want me to pick ONE BRAND, one SPECIFIC Clothing brand… ugh….

Mainstream wise, it would be Banana Republic. They have been a real MISS for me lately, but in the past and looking in my closet, I basically have a ton of clothing from them, they’re my #1 retailer.

Like this skirt, is cute.

A little more upscale, would be All Saints for casual, cool clothing that is neutral and comfortable but with no real work-appropriate options and no print, or colours 🙁

The super high-end brand if I could only wear ONE forever and never wear from any other brand, would be The Row or MM Lafleur (have to think about workwear..)

(THIS WAS HARD. I still didn’t pick one either.)

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