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In the world of Save. Spend. Splurge.: The deepest darkest secrets of U.S. elite universities

What are some of the darkest secrets of the U.S. elite universities? A really interesting read. You would never have thought that kind of pressure would have come to the U.S., you only hear of such stress in Asia, frankly. It’s all a bit frightening and sad at the same time.

A simple, leather tote that is reasonably priced, with so much SPACE inside, lots of zippers and compartments, and various colours from this pretty pink to black.

I am going to try this vegan chocolate chai one day. ONE DAY. I need all the ingredients, but it looks so decadent.

This Reiss assymmetrical, off the shoulder knit dress is gorgeous. I mean SO BEAUTIFUL I am ready to buy it at full retail price because.. it is so.. incredible. *hearts in eyes*.. I want it in Stone and Black…

But if you want JUST this Reiss gorgeous top that is PERFECTION, they also sell it… and I may end up getting that instead, in white. *ugggh struggling*…

Hair dyes and chemicals cause cancer… especially in black women. I stopped dying my hair a long time ago. I used to dye my hair a light brown, then dark brown, and then eventually got cheap (lazy?) and just stopped doing it.

The shocking statistic is that the likelihood of this disease is SIX TIMES higher for black women, and obviously higher if you continually dye your hair, as well as chemical hair straightening.

Like with Brazilian blowouts – I have never done this, but it is scary what they put on your hair to make it look pretty.

I own this Neiman Marcus cashmere duster and live in it after yoga. It is so soft and cosy, yet chic and pretty.

You all need to watch this – The True Power of Money.

I picked up this silicone cover for my $4 reusable wide mouth mason jar and it is fantastic!

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