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My favourite swimsuit for a new mother

If you’re a new mother who has just given birth or even an older one like myself who has a son about to start school in a year, you may feel like your previous swimsuit choices are not quite appropriate any more.

This by the way, excludes almost all of the women in my partner’s side of the family who think nothing of sporting a tiny little string bikini just six dang weeks after giving birth.


And yes, they posted photos to Facebook which .. you know, was really tough to see.

I felt like a beached, bloated whale for about a year after I gave birth and I only lost enough weight to not feel self-conscious because I started working again and managed to stop stuffing my face with pastries as a way to cope with the stress and monotony of being at home with a baby.

Even so!

I still do not feel comfortable wearing a bikini of any proportion not because (now) or weight but because I somehow don’t feel like it is appropriate to show THAT much skin but more importantly, my body is no longer as smooth as it used to be.

Straight up, my stomach is ruined.

The skin looks like curdled cottage cheese and I think short of some surgery to pull that skin tight again, I will forever have a wrinkled belly.

Some mothers don’t care about any of that and feel liberated enough to wear a bikini (perfect bod or not) and rock it. Kudos to them but I just don’t have that same confidence to bare all of that.

Other mothers sadly enough, refuse to even wear a swimsuit of any kind and just opt out of the beach altogether. 🙁

So without further ado, let me introduce you to what I think is one of the best, most universally flattering swimsuits there are out there for people exactly like me:

The Seafolly Boyleg

This works so well for me because:

  • The ruching covers the belly fat cuz I definitely have some
  • The Seafolly Boyleg covers the bum because I don’t want anything riding up there as I’m bending over to play with my son, AND I’m not in Brazil
  • The straps are STURDY unlike those flimsy little knotted strings you call straps
  • The front sweetheart neckline accommodates a ton of cleavages small and big, and since I have a small bust it gives me a boost that is modest yet very alluring
  • It is also a one piece that won’t slide off your body when you … you know, actually go in the water?!?!???

So there you have it.

As for sizing my body is a US 4 and I take the UK 10 as the swimsuit tends to run a bit smaller (take a size up)…

Normally I’d be a UK 8 but the 10 is really far more comfy.

It also comes in two other versions other than just black & navy:

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