Save. Spend. Splurge.

In the world of Save. Spend. Splurge.: 7 Sandwich Secrets for an Amazing Meal

7 Sandwich Secrets from Chefs. I am stealing ALL OF THEM. It is easy to add a few extra spices or hits like Siracha into the mayo for the sandwich…  And my other favourite trick is to add microgreens. They have a nice, sweet, soft fluffy crunch to them with a huge hit of flavour and nutrients (e.g. onion sprouts).

I love the look of this chambray tank. It isn’t a flat, denim colour / style and has a nice ombré to it as well as being stylish and not too casual.

Delaying kids for your career is what I sort of did as well… I didn’t have Little Bun until my 30s, and I am happy with my decision, although I acknowledge that if I were younger it would not be so hard to be so sleep deprived.. and I’d have more energy.

I feel like this drapey dress would be perfect for work. Throw on, wash and go.

What an Ikea designer would buy for a small home.

This sheath dress is also super minimalist and I feel like.. perfect for work as well.

How to turn small talk into meaningful conversation…. I find that I seem to have the opposite problem. I am able to turn from small talk into DEEP existential conversations with strangers in a matter of minutes. Doesn’t matter who, unless they don’t let me in (mentally I mean)…

Want a lipstain that won’t come off? Apparently this one by YSL is KILLER (and now on my list) and doesn’t leave any colour on anything.

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